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Power Factor Correction & Voltage Management Systems

EnergyAce is a national award winning energy management company & manufacturer of energy saving systems in the form of power factor correction, voltage optimisation, voltage stabiliser systems and energy metering delivering guaranteed energy savings on electricity bills since January 2002.

Targeting specific areas around inefficiency, EnergyAce manufacture both off the shelf and bespoke solutions for maximum impact and saving

Our approach is unique, we listen to our clients to get a real understanding of their individual challenges around energy reduction and agree a long term deliverable strategy that typically will return energy savings of 10% – 16% and in some cases can deliver energy saving in the region of 60% when all elements of EnergyAce are applied.

For clients with high demand issues, expansion plans or those potentially overloaded, EnergyAce can be applied in the form of power factor correction to reduce maximum demand and currents by many cases by up to 20% while in extreme cases in excess of 50% – to see how much energy you can save, please contact our offices on 01695 559785 or click here to fill in our contact page.

Under our banner of Save & Protect, EnergyAce have been manufacturing solutions for many years across all commercial and industrial sectors worldwide in the form of power factor correction to ensure all motors and machines run more efficiently, voltage optimisation and voltage stabiliser systems to optimise voltage levels and return energy savings and energy metering to enable visibility of energy consumption to enable formation of an energy saving strategy.

All EnergyAce engineers are power quality experts with many years of experience who understand the challenges around short term and long term energy saving strategies to give you the comfort that EnergyAce deliver every time.

EnergyAce is a patented energy saving and protection solution developed in association with Innovate the UK Government backed innovation organisation ensuring we deliver the latest and most efficient energy saving technology for maximum saving and long term reliability.

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Recent News

"Engineer apprentice scheme testimonial"

EnergyAce have plenty of highly skilled engineers conducting installs and surveys all across the UK and beyond. They have a real talent in passing on their wisdom both to our own apprentices and those on site who are curious about what we do. Below is a fantastic testimonial from a confectionary factory where Power Factor Correction repairs were conducted recently. "I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional professionalism displayed by the two engineers who visited our site this week. Nathan, in particular, has made a significant impact by engaging with our site apprentices…
May 7, 2024

"Wigan Youth Zone receive Kings award for Voluntary services"

The exceptionally prestigious King's award for Voluntary Service has been given to Wigan Youth Zone! EnergyAce are proud patrons of this fantastic charity and all the incredible work they do. Wigan Youth Zone join a very select group of 262 local charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups that have received the award this year. Even more fitting is that they have received this accolade on their 10th birthday year which is a huge testament to the dedication and impact of their volunteer team over the past decade. Massive well done to all at Wigan Youth Zone! Learn more about the accolade by…
November 14, 2023

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