PQE Ltd Power Quality Engineering

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It is almost two years since the sad demise of PQE Ltd, Power Quality Engineering of Wigan, a supplier of power factor correction and voltage optimisation products and services.

Thanks to our committed service and maintenance department, we have been able to help a great number of their old clients with maintenance issues and in many cases we have picked up the warranties and planned maintenance programs to assist PQE Ltd old customers maintain their financial savings and meet legislation.

As a manufacture of power factor correction and dynamic voltage optimisation under the unique brand of EnergyAce, we offer energy efficient & metering solutions for industrial and commercial applications, our expertise and extensive knowledge of all types of power factor products enable us to pick up any service agreements irrespective of manufacturer and offer assurances that any PQE Ltd customer will be offered assistance or advice with any power quality issue or service requirement.

The PES maintenance department offer a comprehensive service throughout the UK in the form of planned and reactive maintenance to ensure a customer’s energy saving equipment remains functional or back on line with the minimum of fuss and expense.

For more details on transfer of warranties and service agreements, please contact PES on 01695 559785 or email post@pesgroupltd.co.uk to ensure continued support and high levels of customer care.

UK Manufacturer Doubles Power-Saving Workforce

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ENERGY-SAVING MANUFACTURER EnergyAce – formerly Power Efficient Systems Ltd (PES) – is roaring out of the recession, doubling its staff to 20 employees in just one year, also doubling its turnover and quadrupling the size of its manufacturing facility!

A raft of patents has been filed on new energy saving inventions and several rollout contracts have been secured with leading high street names in the retail and restaurant sectors. EnergyAce’s Managing Director, Gary Vizard, said:

It is exciting growing a business; there is a real buzz about the place although it does not come without its significant challenges. “We’ve worked very hard as a team to win finance for research and development to support new technologies. This is now coming to fruition with the award of new contracts. We’ve rebranded as EnergyAce and expanded our export base to cover Europe, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon & Nigeria.”

EnergyAce was recently chosen to take part in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Development Program and the Goldman Sachs High Growth Program at Oxford University. MD Gary Vizard was personally invited onto a prestigious panel at the Labour Party Conference alongside Shadow Minister Business Innovation and Skills, Ian Murray, MP, Ian King of Sky News, Fiona Laffan of Goldman Sachs and Steve Hughes at the prestigious think-tank, Policy Exchange. The “Five Million Points of Light” debate looked at the issues surrounding business finance and growth for SMEs.

EnergyAce MD, Gary Vizard, added:Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.21.11

We’re proud to be a success story amidst the doom of the recent recession. The company continues to grow and we have ambitious plans for the next 4-5 years, targeting rollout contracts with multi-site retail organisations and the 25 million homes in the UK.”

Here’s the Wigan Observer’s Business page, featuring the story!

National Grid Warns Britain Could Fact Winter Power Cuts

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GENERATOR CLOSURES and breakdowns mean spare electricity capacity will be down to just 4% this year, National Grid has announced, compared to a previous margin of 17%.

Contingency plans are in place to manage supply, including paying big firms to switch off on the coldest winter evenings. Energy efficiency is the first fuel for business – reducing spend and carbon emissions by up to 20%. Save to make your business more profitable and protect your energy supply; our investments have a typical less than 2 year payback period.

Why not call us now on

01695 559785

for a no obligation review, to show you where your quickest energy efficiency savings can be made?


Concerns about energy security after a fire have forced the closure of Didcot B, a gas-fired station in Oxfordshire which produces enough electricity to meet the needs of one million households. It was reduced to half capacity with Ironbridge and Ferrybridge also crippled by fires earlier this year and supply hit by plans to close a site at Barking in east London.

Data from the energy regulator show 17,657 blackouts affecting 3.5million people this year, compared with 1,600 cuts affecting 180,900 just two years previously.

Managers and policy makers are referring to energy efficiency as the ‘first fuel’- a term coined by U.S energy intelligence company chairman, Jon Wellinghoff. First fuel analysis is now available to help British small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and even homeowners benefit from energy saving data and tools which are usually only available to larger industrial and commercial businesses. EnergyAce A4home is widely regarded as second only to cavity wall insulation in keeping your energy use and costs under control.

Hands Over The Water

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Thomas Mercier, a 20 year old student from the University of Valenciennes has now completed eight weeks work experience with EnergyAce; we are delighted to have been the one company to open our doors to the International Trade student, who contacted over 80 firms in the UK to secure a placement.

Thomas joined us to further his degree and gain experience in a business-to-business environment whilst enhancing his already great grasp of the English language.

Thomas said:

“It is really interesting to see how a company with such innovative products that save energy and help reduce carbon emissions works, I have accompanied the sales engineers, the maintenance teams and worked closely with the managing director, I am learning new things every day.”

Gary Vizard, Managing Director of EnergyAce, said:

“We are really delighted to have Thomas stay with us, we see education of the next generation as a very important part in the future development of new ways of thinking. Thomas’s eight week stay will hopefully impress on him the importance energy efficiency plays on sustainability. We are sure he will remember this experience for many years.”

Thomas added:

“It’s the first time I have left my family and my friends for a long period and moreover in a foreign country with a different language. Everyone is really nice to me and thanks to that I feel really good! It was my birthday while in England and Gary and Eileen, the directors, bought me a present and a birthday cake in the colours of the French Flag which I shared with everyone at work.”

Getting Britain’s Small Businesses Finance Ready

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WHAT A PANEL ! MD, Gary Vizard, was honoured to join the debate with the prestigious think-tank, Policy Exchange, alongside Ian Murray, MP, Shadow Minister Business Innovation and Skills, Ian King of Sky News, Sponsors Fiona Laffan of Goldman Sachs and hosts Steve Hughes at the Labour Party Conference.

Gary was chosen to be involved in the conversation about the industrial future of the nation because of his story as an entrepreneur.

GARY IS AN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER by training who has worked in the energy efficiency industry since 1993. He rose through the ranks to General Manager of one of the industry’s original PFC manufacturers and saw the opportunity to start his own business after becoming disillusioned with his then employer. He re-mortgaged the family home to raise £25,000 to start PES (now EnergyAce.)

Until 2009, the business operated as a lifestyle business with 4 employees. To take advantage of the market, PES moved to bigger premises and steadily began to grow. This growth continues and PES now employs 20 people. PES is currently targeting large multi-site retail organisations and has recently found success with the award of a £600,000 contract from a leading restaurant group which will lead to further expansion over the next year.

WITH NEARLY 5 MILLION small and medium enterprises in the UK, accounting for nearly 60% of employment and 50% of turnover, this event provided an opportunity to discuss how businesses are able to obtain capital to fit their business needs and to help them grow. It aimed to answer questions such as:

  • What options are available to encourage growth of SMEs and innovative entrepreneurs in the UK?
  • How can we best fill the gaps between finance and enterprise?
  • Do SMEs really have the potential to contribute to a higher and faster growth rate of the UK economy?
  • Is the current small business support landscape adequate?
  • What makes a small business finance ready?
  • How can small businesses be made aware of innovative / alternative finance solutions?
  • What are the best policy recommendations?

Click on the image below to see the whole Finance Debate video featuring Gary from 24′ 05″

Funding for Communities from National Grid and NEA

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ARE YOU A NOT-FOR-PROFIT body looking for funding to deliver innovative, sustainable, energy efficiency programmes in deprived communities?

National Grid is offering a £400,000 Energy Efficiency Innovation Award, which will help develop major innovations to tackle fuel poverty and deliver energy efficiency solutions in disadvantaged communities.

Our EnergyAce A4 Home technology ideally suited to supporting this dynamic, energy and cost-saving initiative. Download our brochure to find out more about the value of this innovative technology saving 8-15% of domestic energy bills – making this technology second only to cavity wall insulation for efficiency and warmth. EnergyAce is proud to support charity National Energy Action in this scheme.

You can find guidelines and an application form on their website here.

Successful agencies will receive fundi ng to help develop and deliver a project that will bring tangible and replicable benefits to low-income communities. For example, this could include projects that: break down the barriers to the development or take up of new products and services; deliver innovative solutions to demand reduction in low-income households; or join up existing schemes and obligations to bring maximum benefit for vulnerable people and the wider community.

Deadline 10th November 2014. Don’t miss out!

EnergyAce Says Au Revoir to Summer Intern

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Summer intern 20 year old Stephen, left us earlier this week to further continue his studies in France. He has moved over to Lyon in France as part of his University degree in Business & French to begin a year placement as a foreign language assistant teaching English in a French college on behalf of the British council.

Stephen study’s at Aberystwyth University has been with us since early June, working within many functions in the business from production to sales and accounts. Stephen has gained real transferable skills during his time with Power Efficient Systems as he assisted with the rebrand to EnergyAce, the implementation of new operating procedures and helped to generate new policies.

Stephen commented “its great to have been involved in so many varied activities, this is my second intern with the company and its grown so much since the last time, hopefully my input has helped with the massive growth phase”

Gary Vizard the Managing Director and integral to the rebrand to EnergyAce commented “Growing a business is very exciting, there is real buzz through the team as the positive changes take effect although this has undoubtedly been so much easier and much more enjoyable through the impact of Stephens vision, application and positivity throughout his internship, we will all miss him”

Good luck Stephen, we know you will smash every challenge put in front of you, Lyon has gained a great asset.

From all at PES & EnergyAce

Goldman Sachs Accelerated Business Development Program

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Gary Vizard, Managing Director of EnergyAce, has been selected to take part in the Goldman Sachs accelerated business development program taking place at the Said Business School, at Oxford University.

Businesses selected have to evidenced real growth and demonstrate a very strong case to take part in the program which delivers tuition from leading experts within their chosen field.

Gary said: “It is a real privilege to rub shoulders and share experiences with other leaders from the top 6% of growth companies in the UK.

You take something out of every single module to help enhance your clients experience and add value to you proposition plus you have the unrivalled support of the Goldman Sachs business development team who ensure you take ownership of all aspects of your business.

Program delivery is of the highest calibre and the tutors are out of this world while the standard of fellow alumni just blow you away, so much positivity in one place creates such a buzz its unreal.”

If your business is set for growth and you require details of the Goldman Sachs accelerated business development program, contact Gary who is very happy to share his experiences and introduce you to the program administration team.

Power Factor Correction is Cool

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Power Factor Correction may not be the most well-known energy saving technology for 2014 although it is the coolest and here’s the proof.

Power Factor Correction not only removes hidden penalties on electricity bills, reduces capacity and availability charges and reduces energy consumption, it also reduces circuit currents – making everything run cooler with reduced losses in cables and switchgear, this effect also allows for greater efficiency and increases the lifespan of associated switchgear.

The Evidence

Load PF Kva Amps

1000kw @ 0.70pf = 1428kva or 1985A

Install power factor correction and look what happens to the current and kva…

Load PF Kva Amps

1000kw @ 0.99pf = 1010kva or 1404A

A saving of 581A, with reduced heat in cables etc – cool!

Power Factor Correction is effectively the Grandfather of energy efficiency, it has been around almost as long as electricity itself, it is generally described as one of the first simple measures to consider when improving efficiency, its non-disruptive and can last in excess of 20 years.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced demand charges – kva
  • Removal or reduction in reactive power charges
  • Reduced kW/h losses
  • Reduced carbon emissions and CCL charges
  • Improved utility
  • Fast ROI – typically 1-2 years

For additional information on why Power Factor Correction is cool, energy saving systems, voltage optimisation and the benefits for your organisation, please contact us.