Middle East PR

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It is always nice when we spot publicity and commentary from third parties, independent of our Company. One such example by our Adviser, John Holmes is here:

John recently brokered a successful deal between a UK-based company, PES (EnergyAce) Ltd, and a major domestic energy supplier in Saudi Arabia, Kafa’at Energy. He comments on how this is an example of successfully tapping into a local market by identifying a set of needs against a background of changing domestic policy.

“There is a growing drive for energy efficiency in the Middle East”, John explains. “The current levels of locally subsidised energy use are unsustainable, so there are opportunities for suppliers of energy efficient technology. This was just such an opportunity for PES”.

The lesson is about knowing how the needs of the market sit in a wider context. In this case, the power sector across the Middle East faces energy efficiency challenges against a background of diminishing oil revenues and the increasing demands for electricity from growing populations and a still-developing industrial base.

“The PES deal has its origins in a robust business model”, John concludes. “The strategy underpinning it has been sound and the energy efficiency market across the Middle East now has real potential. People need to prioritise markets in terms of products and a good understanding of both local demand and the potential for reciprocal trade relationships.”

More information: http://export-experts.co.uk/energise-exporting-with-strategic-planning/