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"Problems or Solutions?"

How many of us go through life complaining about how much ‘Stuff’ we have to do, or there’s this one thing we just can’t get our heads around? In business, this happens a lot, probably every day and many of you will be sat there nodding your heads.

What if it’s a problem you can’t fix? Where do you go?

In our industry, it’s not always obvious. The skills required to investigate and fix Power Quality problems aren’t taught to Energy Managers or Maintenance Electricians. There’s often a lot of complicated data to decipher and, unless you know what you’re looking for, then its just gobbledegook. Even if you can get your head round the numbers, do you know how to specify the solution?

In some cases, you know what you want, but it’s not in the wholesalers, or even in the online catalogue. If it doesn’t have a part number, how do you order it?

You’re now at the mercy of the “Experts”. As my colleague Mick is often fond of saying, Ex is someone who used to be and a Spurt is a drip under pressure. Flippancy aside, how do you know the specialist is right? What is their track record in delivering, does what they have on their website actually reflect what they’ve done? In the Energy Saving game, there have been several instances of companies using logos of clients they’ve never done work for, or even images and case studies from those that have!

So how do we do it? It’s simple really, everything we do is manufactured for the job it’s designed to do. Even solutions that are built on a pattern require setting up as part of the commissioning process. We look at every industrial and commercial job onsite before we pick up a spanner, and insist on gathering our own data if we can’t obtain it from elsewhere. We’re in the middle of a project that we won, simply becuase no one else had the flexibility, at the right quality and price, to physically fit the solution into the space available.

In the retrofit game, the more flexible you are, the better a solution you can provide. We’ve got 15 years of doing so, we haven’t failed yet and the customers keep coming back, even if it looks expensive to start with, our jobs don’t finish with the install, we’ll look after you for years to come.

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