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"Carbon Trust"

Power Efficient Systems trading as EnergyAce has recently become an “Accredited Supplier” to the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier Scheme.

This is great news for EnergyAce and many of our customers who will qualify for up to £10K capital contribution towards energy-saving equipment. This subject to SMES in England, Scotland and Wales. Additional benefits also accrue and a briefing will be announced shortly – watch this space.

Matt Kitching an Associate of the Carbon Trust Business Services wrote in our confirmation of success letter: “The information provided in your application form and case studies, combined with the positive feedback received from your client reference sites and your interview, has demonstrated that your company has a significant track record in the design and delivery of successful, high quality Voltage Management solutions. We congratulate you on your past achievements and very much look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead”.

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