What is a Voltage Stabiliser

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A voltage stabiliser is a device that is installed on an electrical supply to maintain and stabilise a suitable voltage level.

All mains powered electrical equipment require a voltage input to be maintained within certain limits although equipment receiving voltages outside of these limits may malfunction or fail prematurely.

A low supply voltage may cause malfunction and a high supply voltage, serious damage.

In some processes it may be crucial to maintain a steady voltage level by installing a voltage stabiliser to ensure voltage levels remain within close limits of ±0.5% or ±1%.

The nominal voltage throughout the UK is 230v / 400v although in reality the average voltage throughout the UK when measured is 242 / 419v and while still within the harmonised voltage limits allowed within the UK, electrically powered equipment may consume more energy when operating on an electrical supply with a voltage much higher that the 230v / 400v and deteriorate or fail much sooner.

One solution is to install a voltage stabiliser to maintain voltage levels closer to the design voltage of the electrical equipment.

Unlike most voltage stabilisers, the EnergyAce range of voltage stabiliser systems are designed to operate trouble free and without intrusive maintenance for many years, that’s why we offer a 5 year guarantee, the voltage stabiliser has been developed over many years and will operate at full power continuously without the need for any cooling fans.

The considerable development has resulted in a voltage stabiliser that is unrivalled for reliability and manufactured efficiently to control cost, giving the user value for money and the confidence of trouble free long term operation and a short return on investment

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