Fitness Center Energy Saving Equipment at Virgin Active – 4 months payback.

Virgin Active are proud of their efficiency achievements and fitness center energy savings on each of their sites. They are also engaged with the Carbon Trust to improve efficiency even further.

Annual Savings Achieved

  • £2,079.00
  • 6.8 tons CO2
  • 5,571 kW/h site
  • 12,620 kW/h inc transmission


  • 4 Months


  • Removal of reactive power charges
  • Reduction of 77 amps per phase
  • Reduction of 55 kVa demand
  • Improved utility

The Carbon Trust identified power factor correction as a proven energy saving technology to improve electrical efficiency and remove penalties from the electricity bills and although Power Factor Correction had been installed many years ago, the system was non functional and now underrated for their present operation.
We carried out a combination of repairs and modifications to the old existing equipment resulting in an ROI of less than four months, returned carbon savings of 6.8 tons per annum and achieve and overall electrical efficiency of around 99% from a poor 80% before correction.
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