Greensmith goes greener

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Judgements shouldn’t be coloured in the ‘Green World’ in which Skelmersdale-based, EnergyAce operates. It has now added the technical expertise of new, Sales & Marketing Manager, Mick Greensmith, to its resources.

Power Efficient Systems which trades as EnergyAce is a solutions provider to the energy efficiency market. It manufactures energy saving systems in the form of Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Voltage Management Systems (VMS – Voltage Optimisation), in conjunction with its own patented technology to control and improve overall electrical efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce electricity spend by up to 20%.

Mr Greensmith was formerly, at Steinel UK, VO4Home/EMSc Powerstar and Newey & Eyre and thus is an ideal complement to this rapidly growing Company. He has an experienced background in sales management, with over 10 years in senior and area management roles in multi-site electrical wholesalers, manufacturing and retail environments. This including: PFC and VMS.

He will be spearheading the division that promotes the EnergyAce Compact which is a single-phase voltage optimisation system designed for use in residential properties and small commercial buildings. The 63 Amp unit is easily fitted by a competent electrical installer and simply requires two wires in and two wires out to make it fully operational. A process that only takes around one hour.