Protect Your Electronic Equipment from Lightning Strikes And Surges

Is your business protected from spikes, electrical surges and lightning strikes which can damage sensitive electronic equipment and plant?

Electrical surges and spikes are not always generated on the national grid, they are commonly generated from within your plant or operation which requires management and protection to ensure trouble free operation of IT, server rooms and sensitive electronic machinery and plant.

EnergyAce offer a range of combined surge and lightning protection, and supplementary surge suppression to ensure compliance with the latest wiring regulations and ensure protection on both three phase and single phase installations.

Combined Surge and Lightning Protection

Combined Lightning & Surge Suppression is normally installed on the main incoming supply to plant irrespective of size, the unit is connected in parallel with the supply as close as possible to the incoming switch and main earthing point, this would protect the whole plant from externally born surges.

Supplementary Surge Suppression

Supplementary Surge Suppression – is normally installed on any sub-circuits containing sensitive equipment to protect from any internally born surges and spikes etc, this would normally be a sub-distribution board supplying a computer suite or office for example.

Installation is similar to the Combined Lightning & Surge Suppression, connected in parallel with the distribution boards incoming switch/supply as close as possible to the incoming switch and main earthing point to protect circuits connected to the distribution board from other internally born surges & spikes.

Single Phase or Three Phase Applications

Both systems can be supplied for single phase or three phase applications and are available in single pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole versions either as a single plugin din rail mounted unit for installation within an existing distribution board that can accept plug-in mcb`s or supplied in an enclosure for installation onto any type of distribution board.

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