Switchboard Design

With the main focus on energy efficiency and power reduction, EnergyAce manufacture type-tested Switchboards utilising a patented 200mm grid modular system, the system is totally flexible and allows for front access, rear access and top/ bottom cable entry in modular steps of 200mm in 3 dimensions.

EnergyAce probably manufactures the most energy efficient switchboards and distribution boards in the world and offer special options in the form of Low Loss & Super Low Loss Transformers & Switchgear, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimisation and ancillary systems to give the user a return on their investment that in most cases far outweighs rival switchgear systems.

Energy Efficient Busbar Configurations

Standard systems are available with specially formulated Busbar configurations to be mounted in any position inside the framework to achieve compliance to independent type testing of up to 7100 Amps @ 100 KA for 1 sec and IEC 61439 verification.

All forms of separation are available up to form 4 type 7 while options are available to work in one section of the switchboard while the rest of the switchboard is live.

Fully withdrawable forms of separation are available to allow for a speedy and efficient mode of motor starter changes while heavy steel mechanisms ensure many years of trouble-free operation.

The standard finish is powder coated to RAL 7035 semi-textured with a degree of ingress protection of IP55 although options are available for both colour and IP protection.

Arc Fault Containment
Arc Fault Containment is becoming more popular in Switchgear design, specially designed filters allow overpressure caused by the ionisation of gases to escape in a controlled manner through the top of the panel under fault conditions to ensure total safety and reduced downtime in the event of a fault.

The standard EnergyAce 200mm grid modular system is tested and certified for arc fault containment to IEC 61641.

The standard EnergyAce 200mm grid modular system is verified to BSEN 61439 Standard and has been tested by independent test stations around the world to include ASTA, KEMA & IPH type tests to IEC 60439 while the system design has been subjected to short circuit withstand tests, temperature rise, vibration, arc fault tests and complies with the Lloyd’s Register.

Financial savings depend very much on the type of operation and load dynamics which can in broad terms be separated into two main categories:

Voltage Dependent: A voltage dependent load is an electrical device whose energy consumption varies with the voltage being applied to it, these loads will normally benefit from voltage control and reduced energy consumption

Voltage Independent: A voltage independent load is an electrical device whose energy consumption does not vary with the voltage being applied to it, these loads will not normally benefit from voltage control.

Main Optional Extras Available

  • Energy Efficient Metering
  • Remote Metering
  • Surge & Lighting Protection
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Low Loss & Super Low Loss Transformers
  • Motor Control Systems
  • Energy Efficient Inverters, VSD’s & Thyristor Drives
  • Interlock Systems
  • Protection Systems

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