Voltage Stabiliser Systems

Dynamically Controlled Voltage Stabiliser Technology

All mains powered electrical equipment and plant require a voltage input to be maintained within certain limits although equipment receiving voltages outside of the allowable limits may malfunction or fail prematurely while optimum voltage levels on voltage dependant loads may also return an energy saving once controlled and stabilised with a voltage stabiliser

In real terms, a low supply voltage will cause malfunction, a high supply voltage serious damage and an optimised voltage level substantial energy savings on electrical plant and machines

Sensitive electronic equipment require not only a stable voltage but also one free from spikes, surges and electrical disturbance.

In countries with a developing electrical network and economy, a demand for power commonly outstrips capacity leading to the loss of electrical supply, brownouts and wild voltage swings that can in many cases be mitigated by a voltage stabiliser


~  High Speed Voltage Stabiliser Response

~  Voltage Stabiliser Limits up to ±40.0% as standard  (options available)

~  ±0.5% or ±1% Voltage Stabiliser Accuracy (options available)

~  High Overload

~  Natural Ventilation No Fans

~  Balanced or Independent Phase Balancing

~  Range 1kVA to 8,000kVA

~  Wide Range of Models to Suit All Environments

~  Reassuringly Long Warranties

~  Very Low Maintenance

voltage stabiliser
1000kva EnergyAce voltage stabiliser

The solution to protect the electrical supply, is to stabilise incoming voltage levels and ensure a clean and stable supply by installing the EnergyAce VMS –ST range to Save & Protect.

Standard Features Include

~    Stabilisation / Regulation of Voltage

~    Natural Ventilation – Designed without the need for fans

~    Declared power on heavy duty

~    Metering

~    Indication

small 3 phase voltage stabiliser
EnergyAce 100kva voltage stabilsier


~    Incoming Protection MCCB

~    By-pass switch

~    Over Temperature Protection

~    Remote Control / Monitoring

~    Harmonic Filtration

~    Surge & Lighting Protection

~    Single Phase Options

~    Environmental – Up to 60 Deg C (extreme options available)

Formed in 2002, EnergyAce has a range of voltage management systems designed and developed in association with IREM a world leader in the field since 1947 who have been delivering high quality, highly reliable and cost effective voltage regulation solutions throughout the world to address the challenges found in many of today’s diverse power networks

Sectors utilising EnergyAce solutions include:

~    Manufacturing

~    Telecommunications

~    Medical & Scientific

~    Commercial & Educational

~    Developing Power Networks

~    Emerging Growing Economies

All EnergyAce systems have been designed to address the challenges found in many of today’s diverse power networks and encompass many years of development and experience to deliver a reliable cost effective world wide solution

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