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EnergyAce have been manufacturing power factor correction stand alone systems and OEM capacitor function plates since January 2002 and in April 2019 moved to a new purpose built factory facility in Chorley, Lancashire to meet demand.

Working exclusively with industry leaders in capacitor technology, EnergyAce manufacture long lasting trouble free power factor correction systems utilising market leading Vishay capacitors and Siemens switchgear to offer competitively priced high quality power factor correction systems.

Quality is always king although due to the volume purchase of components and high throughput, EnergyAce are able to offer very competitive rates for manufactured power factor correction systems and power factor correction services in both the UK and overseas.

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What is Power Factor Correction ?

Power Factor Correction is a device that saves energy and reduces the demand of motor loads by improving electrical efficiency known as power factor. Industrial and commercial processes vary wildly across different businesses although what they do have in common is that they consume large amounts of energy in carrying out their processes, mainly through the use of motors and machines who’s energy consumption can be reduced by installing power factor correction.

What Effect Does Power Factor Correction Have On Motor Rating and Efficiency ?

All motors have a rating for efficiency in the form of power factor with the ultimate power factor described as 1.00pf, although most motors will operate well below the ultimate efficiency level and consume more energy.

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The combined effect of a number of motors will normally result in a poor power factor and low efficiency, it is not uncommon for a manufacturer to operate with a power factor as poor as 0.70pf or 70% efficiency resulting in higher energy bills.

EnergyAce Power Factor Correction services address this inefficiency and deliver real measurable energy savings by reducing power consumption, removing reactive power charges on electricity bills and reducing demand and carbon emissions.

Reliable and Robust Power Factor Correction Capacitors
Our independence and collaboration with component manufacturers like Vishay one of the world’s most reliable and robust power factor correction capacitor manufacturers allow EnergyAce to bring together a number of high-performance component parts to manufacture highly reliable and efficient EnergyAce Power Factor Correction systems.

Can I Remove Reactive Power Charges From Electricity Bills ?
Examine your electricity bills for a reactive power charge and excess capacity and availability charges, EnergyAce Power Factor Correction will remove reactive power charges and reduce capacity and availability charges considerably.

What Are The Benefits of Power Factor Correction ?

Removal of Reactive Power Charges
Targeting unity power factor and ensuring 0.95pf or better will in most cases remove the reactive power penalties on electricity bills completely.

Reduction in Authorised Supply Capacity

Authorised Supply Capacity charges (Availability Charges) are normally charged in kVa at a typical rate of £1/kVA/month, the charge relates to the Maximum Demand or maximum power drawn from the network on a user’s site and is generally in place to pay for the supply network infrastructure required to deliver the declared (or drawn) degree of energy at any time night or day.

Power factor in an AC power circuit is directly related to kVa and associated circuit currents, an improvement in power factor would normally allow the user to target the correct / lower capacity level to avoid exaggerated charges on monthly energy bills.

Removal or Reduction of Excess Authorised Supply Capacity
Charges drawn over and above the declared or agreed Supply Capacity,

Reduced kw/h consumption
Reduced kw/h losses in power cables, switchgear and supply transformers with benefits delivered to the whole electrical system

Reduced Emissions
Higher, inefficient energy consumption inevitably results in an increase in CO2 emissions and associated penalties.

Reduced Investment in Infrastructure & Costly Network Upgrades
A site operating on a power factor close to unity would require less investment in associated power plant (Transformers, Switchgear & Cables) as the reduction in kVA will allow for the investment in associated plant to be minimized. Investments into costly network upgrades due to an overloaded electrical supply can be avoided by improving power factor and at a fraction of the cost of an upgrade

Improvement in Power Quality
The reliability and consistency of and electricity supply is critical to many energy users, a European survey discovered that poor Power Quality is seriously affecting business results in the industrial and service sectors which amount to an annual total loss of €150 billion across Europe

How is Power Factor Correction Installed ?
Power Factor Correction Installation is carried out in parallel with the main supply via a suitably rated form of protective device like an MCCB or fused switch although individual “local” power factor correction capacitors can also be installed on individual motor loads.

Most power factor correction systems are automatic and installed within the main switchroom, described as centralised or bulk correction, the power factor correction systems automatically correct the whole load connected to the main distribution board.

When installing on individual motor loads, it is important to ensure over compensation cannot occur and that any associated controls will allow for the capacitor to discharge between energization periods.

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