Dynamically Designed Voltage Optimisation

& Energy Saving Technology

Voltage Optimisation is a term used around voltage management when a desire to reduce energy consumption is managed by adjusting and controlling voltage levels on a user’s site.

Voltage optimisation is a transformer based technology, the principal is based around supplying a voltage level more suitable to the actual electrical device in order for it to perform its task more efficiently.



~ Reduction in Energy Bills

~ Reduction on Carbon Emissions

~ Reduction in Whole Site Maintenance Cost

~ Protection of Appliances


~ Ultra Low Loss Transformer Technology 99.9% Efficiency

~ Selectable Voltage Output (-10v, -15v, -20v, -25v)

~ Minimum 5 years Warrantyvoltage optimiser uk

~ Very Low Maintenance

~ Wide Range of Models to Suit All Environments

~ Permanent Power Ratings

~ Efficient Toroidal Transformer Design

~ Overcurrent Protection – MCCB

~ Integrated Isolation

~ High Overload Capability

~ Patented Design

~ Range 1kVA to 8,000kVA

Financial savings depend very much on the type of operation and load dynamics which can in broad terms be separated into two main categories:

Voltage Dependent: A voltage dependent load is an electrical device whose energy consumption varies with the voltage being applied to it, these loads will normally benefit from voltage control and reduced energy consumption

Voltage Independent: A voltage independent load is an electrical device whose energy consumption does not vary with the voltage being applied to it, these loads will not normally benefit from voltage control.


~ Power / Energy Metering & Remote Monitoring

~ Voltage Stabilisation (±0.5% or ±1% Accuracy (options available)

~ Balanced or Independent Phase Balancing

~ Under Voltage Protection

~ By-pass switch

~ Over Temperature Protection

~ Harmonic Filtration

~ Surge & Lighting Protection

~ Single Phase Options

~ Environmental – Up to 60 Deg C (extreme options available)

EnergyAce formed in 2002, manufacture a range of voltage management systems designed and developed in association with Innovate the UK Government Technology Partner Scheme and have been delivering high quality, highly reliable and cost effective solutions throughout the world to address the challenges found in many of today’s diverse power networks

~ Food

~ Plastics

~ Chemical

~ General Manufacturing

~ Agriculture

~ Retail

~ Leisure / Fitness

~ Hotel

~ Telecommunications

~ Medical & Scientific

~ Commercial & Educational

~ Agriculture

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