EnergyAce are a specialist manufacturer of solutions designed specifically to reduce energy consumption and reduce demand of a clients electrical system, the company offers both manufactured solutions and services around energy reduction and compliance.

EnergyAce is unique and encompasses a number of proven technologies, patented products and services as detailed below:

  • Remote Metering & Monitoring Solutions
  • Power Factor Correction (Capacitor Banks)
  • Voltage Management Systems (Voltage Stabilisers & Optimisers)
  • Surge Suppression & Lighting Protection
  • Harmonic Filtration Systems (AHF)
  • Renewable Technologies & Battery Storage Systems  
  • Switchgear & Distribution Boards
  • Critical Power Solution
  • Switchgear & Specialist Maintenance Services
  • Power / Load Surveys
  • Harmonic Surveys
  • Thermographic Studies
  • PCB Disposal (Polychlorinated Biphenyl)

EnergyAce main technologies are based around whole site solutions for energy efficiency and energy reduction for industrial, commercial and residential solutions although solutions can also be introduced at sub distribution level dependant on independent site requirements.

One or more of the above solutions can be implemented to achieve significant energy savings, the main benefits of EnergyAce are detailed below:

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves efficiency
  • Removes penalties and excess charges on electricity bills
  • Reduces a sites maximum demand
  • Reduces circuit currents
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Controls voltage levels
  • Reduces harmonic distortion
  • Protects machines and appliances
  • Identification of additional long-term energy reduction opportunities through remote metering

Remote Metering & Monitoring: Remote meeting to allow visibility on energy spend and usage and to enable short and long term targeting of energy efficiency and energy reduction. Customer receives energy dashboard & reports – we receive detailed data to target reduction and set up alarms etc

Power Factor Correction: Automatic introduction of capacitors onto an electrical system to counteract the inefficient effects of motors / machines. Works on all motor type loads, best in manufacturing environment / Hotel & Leisure.   

  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Removal of penalties like reactive power charges on bills
  • Reduction or removal of availability charges & excess capacity on bills
  • Reduction in amps & kva to improve utility and allow other load to be fitted to overloaded supplies
  • Increased efficiency to 1.00pf (100% efficient)
  • Reduction in carbon / Co2

Voltage Management & Optimisation: Control valve to give the customer the voltage they need rather than the higher pressure voltage received from the grid.   Works on most types of load although sites with long opening hours are best.

  • Reduction in kw/h of up to 20% on bills
  • Reduction in carbon / Co2
  • Protects appliances from premature failure due to higher pleasure – most at risk LED Drivers and electronics / machine controls 

Surge & Lightning Protection: Protects the site from externals spikes & surges and now part of the wiring regs. Supplementary protection available to protect sensitive areas like servers form internal spikes & surges

Power Surveys: Investigation re problems on site with process or machines, nuisance tripping of circuits, capacity issues and expansion plans etc

Active Harmonic Filter (AHF): Provides a solution to harmonic distortion, a negative effect created by non-liner loads like variable speed drive and inverters

Renewable Technologies: Reduces energy bills and reliance on grid electricity through the introduction of Solar PV, Wind Turbines, CHP, ASHP and Battery  

Switchgear & Distribution Boards: Specialising in manufacture of large distribution boards and switchgear 

Critical Power Solutions: UPS, changeover switches & generators

Maintenance & Site Services: Planned & reactive maintenance of power factor correction systems, switchgear and site services around Thermographic Studies and installation services

What we normally require:

  • Last 12 months electricity bills (all pages)
  • Last 12 months HH data (half hour data usually available form a clients energy supplier)
  • Number of main supplies / transformers on site

The above would enable a desk top study to be done prior to any visit