Intelligent Energy Reduction
Online Remote Metering & Monitoring

EnergyAce is a simple, low cost, way of delivering guaranteed* energy savings of up to 60%

For many companies energy is one of the largest operating costs, second only to staff salaries. For energy-intensive businesses, energy can be the main cost and often and in some cases the differentiation between financial profit & loss.

Dependence on energy is in most cases unavoidable and with energy costs rising, the only way to reduce this expenditure is to target inefficiency and introduce solutions to reduce unnecessary energy wastage.

Identifying potential reductions through Remote Metering & Monitoring

The first stage of any energy reduction scheme is to gather accurate information and data on your existing energy consumption and efficiency. This step is fundamental for any organisations, irrespective of their size or what they do – from farms to hospitals, and cold stores to manufacturing.

Having identified the wastage, many projects to reduce energy consumption then fail for the simple reason that somebody needs to take ownership of the data within the organisation in order to interrogate it and then investigate the most appropriate energy-reducing solutions. However, in today’s world, who has the time or the skills necessary to carry out this vital role effectively?

That’s why, unlike some other services, EnergyAce does all the hard work, including this data analysis, for you.

The EnergyAce turnkey solution through Remote Metering & Monitoring

EnergyAce is different. We provide an advanced remote energy metering and monitoring system to automatically provide information on an efficient energy reduction strategy tailored to your needs. We collect and analyse all the data, presenting a cost-effective strategy for energy reduction, and then implement the most appropriate solutions for your particular business circumstances.

The EnergyAce complete turnkey solution for energy reduction and carbon reporting typically consists of seven stages:

  1. Understand – Study client’s energy bills to understand current spend and bill structure
  2. Measure – Use remote online monitoring to benchmark current consumption
  3. Assess – Carry out site survey to understand processes and load profile
  4. Present – Generate an efficient cost effective energy reduction strategy
  5. Implement – Introduce energy efficiency measures and energy saving solutions
  6. Measure – confirm impact on energy reduction
  7. Review – Repeat steps 3 to 6 as required to obtain optimum and sustainable energy reduction

* The EnergyAce guarantee

EnergyAce promise that if you do not save energy costs equal to the cost of your initial remote metering and monitoring solution within 36 months of installation, EnergyAce will completely refund the cost and you can keep the solution for free.

Benefits of the EnergyAce Remote Metering & Monitoring System

The EnergyAce energy reduction system doesn’t just reduce energy use and the associated costs, but as it is tailored, flexible and expandable it offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Simple low cost way of delivering energy savings of up to 60%
  • Provides complete visibility on energy spend – find out where your money is going
  • Completely transparent with customer interface – access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Complete turnkey solution to energy reduction – EnergyAce take care of the data analysis and provide the best solution for your needs. All you need to do is enjoy the savings
  • Fully expandable
  • Measures Electricity, gas, water and can be adapted to other processes that require a targeted approach to resource reduction
  • Can prolong the working life of key equipment such as motors and transformers
  • Reduces both energy spend and carbon footprint
  • Performance guaranteed to save at least the cost of solution


The EnergyAce online Remote Metering & Monitoring Energy Saving and Protection Platform can alert the user to any potential threats of overload or operational problems before they become an issue. By monitoring the effectiveness of renewable energy generation systems, such as solar PV or wind turbines, the system can ensure that they are functioning correctly and delivering the expected performance. It can also control loads remotely, for example to take advantage of peak-shaving and time-based energy tariffs.

The systems are fully expandable and can be made portable, so that they can be used to interrogate or monitor different energy loads around the site, for example from different machines, transformers or generation units.

Added value

As well as saving energy, the EnergyAce Remote Metering & Monitoring solution also adds value to your business through bill validation. By checking your bill against recorded energy use, we ensure that your bill does not include costly mistakes or incorrect penalties and taxes. Where issues are found, then we apply to your energy supplier for an appropriate energy rebate on your behalf.

Proven technology

EnergyAce have been delivering energy reduction strategies and solutions for well-known commercial brands since 2002.

Energy waste does not just cost money; it also results in increased carbon emissions, something that is increasingly being seen as a key performance monitor for many industries, including agriculture. While our dependence on energy is unavoidable, effective energy management can result in significant savings.

Case studies of some of the companies and projects we have undertaken can be found on our website, while our expert knowledge and experience of the energy reduction market, together with our simple 36 month payback guarantee, means you have nothing to lose.

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