Katie powers forward in engineering

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As a young female in engineering, Katie Garner stands out from the crowd.

Katie, 16, has been with Skelmersdale-based Power Efficient Systems Ltd (trading as EnergyAce) since September 2015, completing a Level 2 Engineering Apprenticeship.

Established in 2002, the company is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative energy saving systems and is experiencing a high level of growth, with employee numbers increasing by over 200% since January 2015.

Director, Eileen Vizard, has been impressed by Katie’s ‘meticulous work’ and progression within the company: “In the short time that she’s been with us she has really impressed us. Her work is of a consistently high standard. The fact that she is female makes no difference, she has positively changed the dynamic of the business and has been welcomed by all of the team.”

“Katie is our third Apprentice; our first has been with us for 13 years and is now a Service Engineer working across the UK and overseas. Apprentices bring new potential into the business, they are aware of new technologies that enhance our offering, are keen to learn and we can train them from scratch.”

Katie, a former pupil of Lathom High School, explained why she chose an Engineering Apprenticeship: “My brother is an Engineer and he started as an Apprentice so it was something I had seen the success of first-hand. I know that there are a lot of opportunities in this field and I want to work and learn at the same time. I’m a practical learner and I’m learning much more on the job than by just being in a classroom environment. I’m aware there is a lack of female Engineers in the UK but that hasn’t held me back in pursuing a career in the industry, if anything it has made me more determined.”

[Source: Runshaw Business Centre]

‘Zero carbon’ laws on way

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Climate laws will be tightened to cut carbon emissions effectively to zero, the government has said.

Under current law, emissions must be cut by 80% by 2050 – but ministers have said this does not go far enough.

Following the climate deal in Paris, it is clear the UK must not increase CO2 at all because the warming threat is so severe, they added.

No details of the law change have been given – and critics said the UK was failing to meet even current targets.

The global climate agreement, which was finalised at a summit in Paris in December, commits to keeping global temperatures “well below” 2C (3.6F) above pre-industrial times and limit the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity.

[Source: BBC] Link to full article here.