Welcome To The EnergyAce Team

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EnergyAce are very pleased to announce two new engineers to the family. Please welcome Tom Ryan and Anthony Jaycocks.

A significant growth in demand for our EnergyAce Energy Saving System has created a need for two new additional engineers for both our manufacturing department and our field engineering department.

Tom joins us after working on numerous electrical engineering projects. His experience will be valuable to us in both manufacturing our energy saving equipment and also in servicing the equipment out in the field. Tom commented “Having previously worked in the renewables industry, I feel it is important for businesses to ensure they are running efficiently in order to cut their costs and to help the environment”.

Anthony joins our field engineers team having previously worked as an electrician on some very large scale projects. He commented “I find my role very interesting as our equipment is not specific to one set industry. For me, being out on the road and visiting a wide range of different companies and meeting new people is what makes my job so enjoyable”.

Gary Vizard the MD commented “I am delighted that both Tom and Anthony could join us, especially considering the offers they had received elsewhere. It shows the enthusiasm and belief they both have for not only this industry but also for EnergyAce. There was a definite need for us to add to our team in order to manage the ongoing expansion of the company”.

Tom and Anthony join up with the team who are working with customers old and new to deliver guaranteed savings through the implementation of Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation, they are also helping to secure electrical supplies throughout the UK and overseas with Voltage Stabiliser technology.

Find out how your business could benefit from Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimisation and Voltage Stabiliser technology, contact the team on post@energyace.co.uk or telephone 01695 559785

What is power factor correction and how does it save energy

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Power Factor Correction is a device that is installed on an electrical system to improve the overall electrical efficiency known as power factor of an electrical supply that operates machines or motors.

All motors which can come in the form of a machine, conveyor, mixer, compressor, HVAC, refrigeration, elevator or escalator etc all have an efficiency rating known as power factor.

The ultimate desired power factor is 1.00pf (100% efficient) although most motors operate at a much lower efficiency or power factor which when the effects are accumulated on an electrical supply, the results can be as low at 0.50 power factor and commonly around 0.80 power factor on a typical uncorrected industrial electrical supply.

The solution is to install a power factor correction system which works by switching capacitors in and out of circuit on an electrical supply to counteract the negative inefficient effects of motors automatically.

A typical uncorrected industrial electrical supply operating in the region of 0.80 power factor (80% efficient) would consume 20% more power and operate with a demand 20% higher than need be resulting in higher energy bills.

Other electrical supplies operating on much lower uncorrected power factors could be consuming in excess of 50% more power and risk potential overload and loss of electrical supply through brownout.

Savings & Benefits of Power Factor Correction

The financial savings & benefits of power factor correction can by substantial and generally are achievable from the following areas:

  • Reduction in power consumption kw/h losses
  • Removal of penalties on electricity bill in the form of reactive power charges
  • Reduction in capacity charges / authorised supply capacity
  • Removal or reduction of excess charges
  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Reduction in maximum demand and demand based charges
  • Reduction in circuit currents
  • Improvement in power quality

The payback period of power factor correction is typically between 1 – 3 years dependant mainly on three things:

  • The degree of inefficiency to be corrected
  • The structure and type of the electricity bill
  • Type of power factor correction required

Types of Power Factor Correction

There are many different types of power factor correction and although the principals remain the same, it is vital that expert advice is sought to ensure the correct solution is implemented.

How is Power Factor Correction Installed

Installation of power factor correction is carried out in parallel with the main electrical supply like most common electrical devices and via a suitably rated form of protective device like MCCB or fused switch although individual “local” power factor correction capacitors can also be installed on individual motor loads.

In addition to the automatic power factor correction capacitor bank supply, a CT (Current Transformer) should be installed onto the main incoming cables to the power supply to be corrected (normally main incoming supply to the site) in order to “see” and monitor the total load including the capacitor load (power factor correction) and report this to the power factor controller.

When installing power factor correction on individual motor loads it is important to ensure over compensation cannot occur and that any associated controls will allow for the capacitor to discharge between energization periods.

For more information or help to specify the correct power factor correction for your site, contact our offices on 01695 559785 or email post@energyace.co.uk

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