An active harmonic filter ensures compliance with the regulations for Harmonic distortion which is a growing concern for many process lead manufacturers and for businesses employing a high degree of IT or electronics in their operations.

The management of electrical systems has become more of an issue through the introduction of Power Electronic Devices and Non-Linear loads like Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), Thyristor Drives & Inverters to save on energy costs and improve control of processes.

In many countries including the UK, there are strict rules on the degree of harmonic distortion that can be generated by an electrical user while in many cases undiagnosed issues or premature failure of electrical plant, machinery and IT can be attributed to harmonic distortion if levels of distortion are allowed to remain unchecked.

An EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filter addresses these concerns by reducing distortion while guaranteeing compliance with the toughest requirements of G5-5, IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards.

Harmonics are basically currents or voltages other than the sinusoidal 50Hz waveform that circulate around an electrical system creating a distorted waveform, they are typically generated by VSD’s and power electronics in IT systems which all control or effect systems by introducing variable frequencies in their operation.

wall mounted active harmonic filter
wall mounted active harmonic filter

When you consider that the National Grid has a license obligation to control system frequency within the limits specified in the ‘Electricity Supply Regulations’, i.e. ±1% of nominal 50.00Hz (49.50Hz – 50.50Hz) and heavy fines can be levied for non compliance, it should come as no surprise that strict rules are also in place for harmonic generating loads that distort the 50Hz waveform and in cases export this distortion back onto the grid and into a neighbours electrical system.

Careful consideration should always be given to the installation of non linear loads like Thyristor Drives, VSD & Inverters which can generate negative and problematic effects in the form of harmonics onto an electrical system to render a site non-compliant.

Active Harmonic Filter

active harmonic filter

EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filter

EnergyAce Ltd are the official UK partner of Schaffner Group and specialist integrators of the ecosine active sync series of Active Harmonic Filters assembled and delivered in the UK as a co-branded EnergyAce product while Schaffner are an international leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality systems who are setting standards with its offering for harmonic mitigation.

Harmonic distortion can manifest a number of undesirable effects as detailed below:

  • Damage to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Increase in energy costs
  • Unexplained tripping of devices
  • Destruction of standard capacitor circuits & power factor correction
  • Increase RMS currents in the electrical systems
  • Distortion of supply voltage & current waveform
  • Reduction in power quality
  • Stress of electrical plant & machinery
  • Increase in operating temperate of cables & switchgear
  • Increase in vibration levels

An EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filter creates a dynamic solution to automatically negate the negative effects of harmonic distortion and ensure compliance by measuring the load current and calculating the harmonic spectrum for every harmonic up to the 50th and automatically applying a solution.

EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filter Solution


  • Fully modular design from 60A – 1200A
  • 3 & 4 Wire solutions
  • Load balancing
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Low loss operation
  • Ultra-low loss operation with Active Sync
  • UK remote and on-site support
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Meets or exceeds all international standards
  • Assembled by EnergyAce in the UK

Advanced features

  • Active Sync Modules
  • Standby power management to reduce losses
  • Increased life span of IGBT’s
  • Equalises operating hours of individual modules
  • Manages redundancy and stand by modules for critical applications
active harmonic filter vertical mount
active harmonic filter vertical mount


  • G5/5
  • EN50160
  • IEEE519
  • IEC/EN 61000-3-2
  • IEC/EN 61000-3-12

Why Choose EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filters

EnergyAce are a national award winning UK manufacturer of power quality products incorporated in 2002 and this new generation of modular systems are a compact, highly effective and reliable solution to actively mitigate harmonics. A smooth integration is ensured with EnergyAce engineers on the ground throughout the UK and overseas to help with harmonic measurements, design and implementation while offering turnkey solutions to clients without technical or install capability.

EnergyAce and Schaffner now offer the most effective and compact active harmonic filters available in the market, the solution is particularly effective on mixed load and dynamic load profiles where it is now possible to achieve a THD-I ≤ 5% while guaranteeing compliance with the toughest requirements of G5-5, IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards.

Our active harmonic filters provide excellent performance over an extended temperature range of up to 55°C* and offer unique market leading flexibility to optimize the customers-tailored solution.

Installation is relatively simple with active harmonic filters available in wall or floor mounted solutions utilising our modular approach of 60 A rms power modules.

Modules are available with IP 20 and IP 21 protection and in 3-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 4-wire configurations, two or more power modules in a master-slave solution can be configured to achieve the desired filter rating with up to 5 ecosine active harmonic filter sync power modules connected in parallel to mitigate harmonic current up to 300A rms, this can be done either as a wall-mount solution or within an IP 54 air-cooled cabinet. Larger filters up to 1200A and alternative IP ratings are available on request.

Modules are totally dynamic and can be arranged to achieve harmonic current mitigation to effectively comply with international power quality standards, achieve reactive power compensation and also offer load balancing.

active harmonic filter sync module
active harmonic filter sync module

The Active Sync Module provides additional functionality and longevity to the EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filter to enable modules to be placed on standby when not in use to further reduce power losses and Increased the life span of the IGBT’s. Operating hours can be equalised across each individual module and redundancy managed automatically to control spare modules for critical applications

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*power module 0 – 50°C full performance, up to 55°C with derating.

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