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"Getting Britain’s Small Businesses Finance Ready"

WHAT A PANEL ! MD, Gary Vizard, was honoured to join the debate with the prestigious think-tank, Policy Exchange, alongside Ian Murray, MP, Shadow Minister Business Innovation and Skills, Ian King of Sky News, Sponsors Fiona Laffan of Goldman Sachs and hosts Steve Hughes at the Labour Party Conference. Gary was chosen to be involved in the conversation about the industrial future of the nation because of his story as an entrepreneur. GARY IS AN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER by training who has worked in the energy efficiency industry since 1993. He rose through the ranks to General Manager of one of the industry’s original PFC manufacturers and saw the opportunity to start his own business after becoming disillusioned with his then…
October 20, 2014

"Funding for Communities from National Grid and NEA"

ARE YOU A NOT-FOR-PROFIT body looking for funding to deliver innovative, sustainable, energy efficiency programmes in deprived communities? National Grid is offering a £400,000 Energy Efficiency Innovation Award, which will help develop major innovations to tackle fuel poverty and deliver energy efficiency solutions in disadvantaged communities. Our EnergyAce A4 Home technology ideally suited to supporting this dynamic, energy and cost-saving initiative. Download our brochure to find out more about the value of this innovative technology saving 8-15% of domestic energy bills – making this technology second only to cavity wall insulation for efficiency and warmth. EnergyAce is proud to support charity National Energy Action in this scheme. You can find guidelines and an application form on their website here. Successful…
October 12, 2014

"EnergyAce Says Au Revoir to Summer Intern"

Summer intern 20 year old Stephen, left us earlier this week to further continue his studies in France. He has moved over to Lyon in France as part of his University degree in Business & French to begin a year placement as a foreign language assistant teaching English in a French college on behalf of the British council. Stephen study’s at Aberystwyth University has been with us since early June, working within many functions in the business from production to sales and accounts. Stephen has gained real transferable skills during his time with Power Efficient Systems as he assisted with the rebrand to EnergyAce, the implementation of new operating procedures and helped to generate new policies. Stephen commented “its great…
October 7, 2014

"Goldman Sachs Accelerated Business Development Program"

Gary Vizard, Managing Director of EnergyAce, has been selected to take part in the Goldman Sachs accelerated business development program taking place at the Said Business School, at Oxford University. Businesses selected have to evidenced real growth and demonstrate a very strong case to take part in the program which delivers tuition from leading experts within their chosen field. Gary said: “It is a real privilege to rub shoulders and share experiences with other leaders from the top 6% of growth companies in the UK. You take something out of every single module to help enhance your clients experience and add value to you proposition plus you have the unrivalled support of the Goldman Sachs business development team who ensure…
July 17, 2014


EnergyAce says à bientôt! to Thomas Mercier, our 20 year old work experience student from the University of Valenciennes in France studying International Trade.
July 4, 2014

"Power Factor Correction is Cool"

Power Factor Correction may not be the most well-known energy saving technology for 2014 although it is the coolest and here’s the proof. Power Factor Correction not only removes hidden penalties on electricity bills, reduces capacity and availability charges and reduces energy consumption, it also reduces circuit currents – making everything run cooler with reduced losses in cables and switchgear, this effect also allows for greater efficiency and increases the lifespan of associated switchgear. The Evidence Load PF Kva Amps 1000kw @ 0.70pf = 1428kva or 1985A Install power factor correction and look what happens to the current and kva… Load PF Kva Amps 1000kw @ 0.99pf = 1010kva or 1404A A saving of 581A, with reduced heat in cables…
March 21, 2014

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