Power Factor Correction Service and Maintenance

Service Engineers Across the UK – All Makes All Models

Largest Independent PFC Maintenance Division in UK

power factor correction service and maintenance


EnergyAce carry out Power Factor Correction Service and Maintenance on all makes and all models throughout the UK

With the largest independent power factor correction maintenance division in the UK, EnergyAce are able to offer a comprehensive power factor correction service and maintenance package for all your energy saving, power quality products and associated switchgear irrespective of manufacturer or location.

Once you have invested in your energy saving technology, protect it with a planned power factor correction maintenance program or switchgear maintenance scheme.

Specialised Service and Maintenance Engineers Across The UK

These products are somewhat specialised and offer a difficult challenge to general maintenance staff and contractors who may not be fully conversant with their operation and associated dangers.

Avoid the Cost of Re-Visits

Power Factor Correction Repairs

All EnergyAce engineers carry a vast array of different spare parts and will always try to fix the power factor correction problem before leaving your site to avoid the charges associated with a revisit to repair.

Over 96% of problems are fixed on the same day with no extra charges apart from the cost of the spare part during a planned power factor correction maintenance visit.

Capacitor Selection

EnergyAce use high quality Vishay capacitors with a minimum rating of 440v to ensure long term trouble free operation and a minimum 525v in detuned capacitor equipment’s. The Vishay capacitors are suitable for all power factor correction systems irrespective of manufacturer and are designed specifically to withstand the higher voltage levels found in the UK and for arduous environments.

Power Factor Correction Maintenance Scheme

A planned power factor correction maintenance scheme or switchgear maintenance scheme removes the responsibility of compliance from you the client, EnergyAce ensure your systems are fully functional, saving you money and meet legislation.

Checking The Power Factor Correction System is SAFE

Who in your organisation carries out checks to ensure the power factor correction systems are safe, functional and working for you?

Who in your organisation checks there are no reactive power charges or hidden penalties on your electricity bills due to non-functional power factor correction systems or associated systems?

Contact EnergyAce today to arrange a switchgear service or power factor correction maintenance visit and ensure your energy savings systems are safe, saving you money, reducing demand and assisting compliance.

Let EnergyAce take the pain of compliance away with a planned power factor correction maintenance and switchgear service visit.

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