Power Factor Correction is Cool

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Power Factor Correction may not be the most well-known energy saving technology for 2014 although it is the coolest and here’s the proof.

Power Factor Correction not only removes hidden penalties on electricity bills, reduces capacity and availability charges and reduces energy consumption, it also reduces circuit currents – making everything run cooler with reduced losses in cables and switchgear, this effect also allows for greater efficiency and increases the lifespan of associated switchgear.

The Evidence

Load PF Kva Amps

1000kw @ 0.70pf = 1428kva or 1985A

Install power factor correction and look what happens to the current and kva…

Load PF Kva Amps

1000kw @ 0.99pf = 1010kva or 1404A

A saving of 581A, with reduced heat in cables etc – cool!

Power Factor Correction is effectively the Grandfather of energy efficiency, it has been around almost as long as electricity itself, it is generally described as one of the first simple measures to consider when improving efficiency, its non-disruptive and can last in excess of 20 years.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced demand charges – kva
  • Removal or reduction in reactive power charges
  • Reduced kW/h losses
  • Reduced carbon emissions and CCL charges
  • Improved utility
  • Fast ROI – typically 1-2 years

For additional information on why Power Factor Correction is cool, energy saving systems, voltage optimisation and the benefits for your organisation, please contact us.