Goldman Sachs Accelerated Business Development Program

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Gary Vizard, Managing Director of EnergyAce, has been selected to take part in the Goldman Sachs accelerated business development program taking place at the Said Business School, at Oxford University.

Businesses selected have to evidenced real growth and demonstrate a very strong case to take part in the program which delivers tuition from leading experts within their chosen field.

Gary said: “It is a real privilege to rub shoulders and share experiences with other leaders from the top 6% of growth companies in the UK.

You take something out of every single module to help enhance your clients experience and add value to you proposition plus you have the unrivalled support of the Goldman Sachs business development team who ensure you take ownership of all aspects of your business.

Program delivery is of the highest calibre and the tutors are out of this world while the standard of fellow alumni just blow you away, so much positivity in one place creates such a buzz its unreal.”

If your business is set for growth and you require details of the Goldman Sachs accelerated business development program, contact Gary who is very happy to share his experiences and introduce you to the program administration team.