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"Cutting the Mustard"

FOOD MANUFACTURER Mustard Foods found their growth plans constrained by the size of their connection to the electricity grid. They were unable to expand due to lack of spare substation capacity and needed help to unlock growth potential.

As part of a Manufacturing Advisory Service review (MAS), Sustainability Consultants Brite Green identified EnergyAce as a highly cost-effective element in unlocking Mustard Foods’ potential.

Brite Green’s Darren Chadwick says:

“EnergyAce’s voltage optimisation unit was identified as a quick win: It had an attractive payback of 18 months and offered energy efficiency improvements across the whole site.”

EnergyAce could be installed with only very minor disruption to production. Alongside other efficiency options including LED lighting and optimising shift patterns, it enables 30% – 40% increase in production capacity before a new substation will be required.

Client feedback

“We looked at a wide range of energy efficiency technologies and solutions as part of our review for Mustard Foods. Voltage optimisation was an attractive option, both from an ease of implementation and payback perspective, and we were very happy with the service that EnergyAce provided.”

Darren Chadwick, Director at Brite Green

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