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"Exporting is Great"

Gary Vizard, the CEO of Power Efficient Systems & EnergyAce, was recently invited by Santander & Core Business Solutions to share his journey with a number of businesses across the North West at two excellent events designed to promote UK exports.

Power Efficient Systems is fast becoming a true global company and exports EnergyAce, its unique brand of energy saver, to all corners of the globe following the continued implementation of a worldwide distributorship.

The Event comprised of a three-hour, interactive workshop where the benefits and practical implementation of an internationalisation strategy was discussed and worked through. The Event outlined how to put an internationalisation strategy into practice.

There was opportunity to quiz Core’s international experts on their experience and explore the challenges faced in relation to an overseas strategy.

It was a real success and Gary has since been asked to share his journey and that of EnergyAce at a number of Chamber events in association with UKTI.

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