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For years, we have attended National Conferences on best practice or health and safety measures related to sports and leisure centres. Operations has been the main thrust of guidance, along with normal operating procedures or quality assurance practices. Of course, this Sector is astute at monitoring costs for the utilities in its facilities and some bodies and National Governing Bodies (NGBs) have facilitated affinity partners or brokerage deals to try and secure lowest prices.

There has never been greater uncertainty with price hikes, Brexit and other challenges and so EnergyAce feels that it could be prudent to examine some additional opportunities. Our family-run business, the recent Electrical Contractor of the Year has been advising hospitality, leisure and sports, and adding significant value to both energy efficiency and cost reduction in facilities. Do you know your Harmonics, from your VMS, your VO from PFC? If not, let’s us enlighten on the possibilities.

A few examples are illustrated below:

Starting with a case study in sports-gambling and retail premises. Betfred is a UK based bookmaker, named after its co-founders Fred and Peter Done, with betting shops throughout the United Kingdom. The betting shops operate long opening hours and operate many pieces of sensitive electronic equipment in the form of IT, TV screens and Game Machines. The EnergyAce energy saving system generated a 6.5% whole site electricity saving creating a swift direct payback of 1 year. (VMS – Voltage Management System).

DW Fitness operates fitness centres and hotel facilities throughout the UK with a keen eye on energy spend and a desire to improve efficiency without detracting away from a good quality experience. EnergyAce identified a requirement for an application of both VMS and Power Factor Correction (PFC) technologies combined to return an energy saving of around 14% and remove reactive power penalties for the electricity bills. (VMS).

Sports and leisure trusts are feeling the pinch more than most. At Formby Pool Trust, a project was designed to embrace modern architecture and ecological measures, assisted through the introduction of the EnergyAce system to create a whole site energy saving, remove penalties from the electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions. Reducing carbon footprint is high on ‘To Do’ lists as well as the financial benefits by many in sports and leisure. Payback was achieved within 1 year, although with a reduction in maintenance costs and the protection of all electrical appliances, plant and machinery will improve the real payback considerably.

These are not ‘quick fixes’ and as often with technological innovation, pretenders enter the market promising the earth. EnergyAce has the reputation of technical know-how and through a no hard sell approach are pleased to offer guidance, after a thorough appraisal of energy solutions, that are pertinent to any given facility. It is a science, and certainly not a case of ‘one size fits all’. Operators need to adopt solutions that are most suited to their particular circumstances. Especially appealing are multi-site operators and the Company can offer pilots to allow proof of return on investment before roll out to facilities-wide.

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