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"Power Efficient Systems Has Evolved"

Following a very successful rebrand of Power Efficient Systems in 2015 which saw the company trade under its exclusive EnergyAce brand, the company is now proud to announce the complete transition with a formal name change taking effect from May 2018.

EnergyAce Ltd continues in the tradition of Power Efficient Systems Ltd in manufacturing high quality innovative energy savings systems and power quality solutions from its manufacturing facility based in Skelmersdale UK.

Gary Vizard the MD commented “this completes the transition from a small back street panel builder some 16 years ago to a Global Solution Provider of high quality UK manufactured energy saving systems and although it is sad to see the name that enabled this transition to fade away, this change further enforces the strength of the brand and our position on the global stage” “I have felt for some time that we were offering a confused message although the name change brings together everything EnergyAce has to offer and an identity that delivers exactly what it says on the tin”

In reality nothing has changed to negatively impact our customers, the company registration number remains the same and we continue to offer good value solutions and practical advice although this is now being delivered via one coherent message.

The EnergyAce Energy Saving System continues to grow in reputation as a solid cost effective whole site solution to reduce energy costs and remove penalties on electricity bills, the implementation of Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation significantly reduces demand based charges and reduces circuit currents in switchgear and power cables along with significant reductions in carbon footprint. EnergyAce is also helping to secure electrical supplies throughout the UK and overseas with Voltage Stabiliser technology and in areas where a steady supply of electricity is vital for operations.

To find out more about our name change or how your business could benefit from Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimisation and Voltage Stabiliser technology, contact our offices at or telephone 01695 559785

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