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"How Much Solar Power do We Need to Power The Whole World ?"

A: The size of Canada 3,800,000 Million square miles

B: The size of Australia 2,900,000 Million square miles

C: The size of Germany 138,000 square miles

D: The size of Scotland 31,000 square miles

E: The size of Luxemburg 1,000 square miles

Answer – See Below

With the ozone layer now showing real signs of continuing recovery from man-made damage and likely to heal fully by 2060 thanks mainly to a multilateral agreement like the Montreal protocol.

Plus the United Nations Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution protocol internationally recognised and signed by at least 27 countries, all but eradicating Acid Rain of the 70s, 80s & 90s, what will it take to make a real impact on greenhouse gas emissions ?

Is it now time to take global action against climate change and introduce legislation to encourage energy users to adopt low carbon technologies on a global scale which will also avoid unfair competition in export markets.

I know it sounds like an unbelievable mountain to climb although as a civilisation, we’ve done it before with multinational legislation on CFCs and sulfur dioxide reduction on a global scale.

Answer – With an annual 2.4% increase in global energy consumption and a 1.8% annual increase in Co2 emissions, it would take an area as small as 228 square miles (can you see the dot in Canada?) to power the whole world with Solar power.

Change is possible !!!!

Change needs to start from within, to create champions, to lead by example and to educate

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