Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

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EnergyAce has been a proud patron of NEA for over 6 years, supporting the great work that it does across the UK.

Today is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day – coordinated by National Energy Action to raise awareness about fuel poverty and the solutions available. It is shocking to hear that in our country some people cannot afford to keep warm in their homes with 1 in 10 households struggling this winter. Many people have to make the decision to either heat their homes or feed their families. Something needs to change.

In the North West of England alone, there were over 2,900 excess winter deaths in 2018/2019 and each winter at least 11,400 people die directly due to cold homes. Many of those that have died over the past year will have been unable to heat their home because of a low income or poorly insulated home. One person who suffers the worst effects of fuel poverty said, “Sometimes I only wash once a week, because we can’t afford it. I hate the way I live”.

energyace fuel poverty
The most effective solution to ending fuel poverty is by creating energy efficient improvements to properties. For more information on the energy saving solutions offered by EnergyAce, please visit www.energyace.co.uk or call 01695 559785.

Also taking place today is the BBC’s General Election debate with 7 party representatives, and EnergyAce will support the NEA in calling on them to put fuel poverty on the agenda. Please particularly look out for NEA tweets on this first thing and anything you can do to share or bring to the attention of the BBC Debate Team would be fantastic (#BBCDebate / #GE2019). The press release on this will also be available on NEA website at www.nea.org.uk/media/news/

energyace fuel poverty
Finally, earlier this week, the Excess Winter Mortality statistics were released and highlighted that 23,200 more people in England and Wales died in winter 2018-19 compared to the rest of the year. While the figures have dropped, it remains a huge problem with a lot more work needed. You can read the press notice here [also Wales-specific and Welsh-language version].