Wigan Youth Zone

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It’s been all things Christmas over the past two weeks at one of our suported charioies Wigan Youth Zone with both Junior and Senior parties and Christmas market which collectively attracted over 600 young people in one weekend.

The following weekend Wigan Youth Zonewe hosted the very special Family Christmas Meal which provided over 200 guests with a full Christmas experience at a time of great need.

The event was only made possible by over 100 people who volunteered in the run up to and on the event, over 40 different individuals/companies/organisations who donated all the gifts and items for the hampers and to Newburgh Foods Limited, M.A. Forshaw and Marks and Spencer (Wigan) for donating all the food.

Wigan Youth Zone also released their own Christmas number 1 (if we do say so ourselves!) – click here to view it; I promise you won’t regret it (especially the outtakes at the end J).

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

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EnergyAce has been a proud patron of NEA for over 6 years, supporting the great work that it does across the UK.

Today is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day – coordinated by National Energy Action to raise awareness about fuel poverty and the solutions available. It is shocking to hear that in our country some people cannot afford to keep warm in their homes with 1 in 10 households struggling this winter. Many people have to make the decision to either heat their homes or feed their families. Something needs to change.

In the North West of England alone, there were over 2,900 excess winter deaths in 2018/2019 and each winter at least 11,400 people die directly due to cold homes. Many of those that have died over the past year will have been unable to heat their home because of a low income or poorly insulated home. One person who suffers the worst effects of fuel poverty said, “Sometimes I only wash once a week, because we can’t afford it. I hate the way I live”.

energyace fuel poverty
The most effective solution to ending fuel poverty is by creating energy efficient improvements to properties. For more information on the energy saving solutions offered by EnergyAce, please visit www.energyace.co.uk or call 01695 559785.

Also taking place today is the BBC’s General Election debate with 7 party representatives, and EnergyAce will support the NEA in calling on them to put fuel poverty on the agenda. Please particularly look out for NEA tweets on this first thing and anything you can do to share or bring to the attention of the BBC Debate Team would be fantastic (#BBCDebate / #GE2019). The press release on this will also be available on NEA website at www.nea.org.uk/media/news/

energyace fuel poverty
Finally, earlier this week, the Excess Winter Mortality statistics were released and highlighted that 23,200 more people in England and Wales died in winter 2018-19 compared to the rest of the year. While the figures have dropped, it remains a huge problem with a lot more work needed. You can read the press notice here [also Wales-specific and Welsh-language version].

EnergyAce Grand Opening

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Friday was one of the proudest days in the lives of Gary & Eileen Vizard of EnergyAce Ltd, the company welcomed Sir Lyndsay Hoyle MP and Deputy Speaker of the House to open their brand new purpose built manufacturing facility in Chorley Lancs.

The Grand Opening ceremony was conducted by Sir Lyndsay Hoyle with guest speaker Jonathan Lawson from the Goldman Sachs 10KSB development program who along with the Directors helped EnergyAce celebrate their success story with over 100 businesses & people who have been and continue to be part of their enviable growth.

Incorporated in 2002, EnergyAce are specialists in energy reduction and a manufacturer of unique energy saving systems. To help celebrate their move from Skelmersdale to Chorley, they had their first ever employee Gordon Iverson in attendance along with Roy Outran of PQSL (acquired by EnergyAce in 2013), their first ever customer.

The new facility boasts a modern manufacturing facility, fantastic training suite and is one of most energy efficient facilities on the planet reducing Electricity costs by 78%.

The directors of EnergyAce would like to thank all who attended the Grand Opening Day, for more information on energy reduction, contact the team on 01695 559785 or browse this website for details on power factor correction, voltage management, voltage optimisation, harmonic filtration and on line metering and monitoring.
Energyace grand opening power factor correction and voltage optimisation
power factor correction
energy efficiency and power factor correction
EnergyAce power factor correction and voltage optimisation
open day power factor correction and voltage optimisation
Energyace power factor correction and voltage optimisation

Benefits of Power Factor Correction

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When did the power factor correction system trip?

The power of both online remote metering and power factor correction is demonstrated in the graph above, the customer has an 800A three phase supply and following unplanned outages engaged with EnergyAce to create a solution and alternative to installing a new larger supply.

EnergyAce remote metering and monitoring established the supply was overloaded and the company had an estimate of £900K for a new larger supply although the EnergyAce solution to improve the power factor and reduce currents without switching any machines off line was around £12K installed.

Without the power factor correction in circuit the supply is in danger of overload as EnergyAce reduces the circuit currents by around 400A per phase from 750A to 350A per phase as demonstrated in the graphs.

Following many years of trouble free operation, the period of high current on the graph was a result of the power factor correction system tripping due to a control circuit fault. The fault was picked up immediately by the EnergyAce monitoring system and an engineer was dispatched to rectify the problem within the same day.

The combination of online remote metering, power factor correction and a good maintenance response averted an unplanned outage and large financial losses due to lost production.

The benefits of power factor correction are clear, it not only reduces stress on the local infrastructure, it saves money in many ways:

  1. Reduces penalties like reactive power charges and wattles charges
  2. Reduces maximum demand and associated excess capacity and availability charges
  3. Reduces kw/h on electricity bills 
  4. Reduces circuit currents by 50% on a power factor of < 0.50pf

For more information on the benefits of power factor correction, planned maintenance programs and remote metering and monitoring, click on the links below or contact our offices on 01695 559785 or emailpost@energyace.co.uk

More information on power factor correction
More information on power factor correction maintenance programs
More information on remote metering and monitoring

BIU and EnergyAce SECR Masterclass

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BIU in association with EnergyAce are presenting an SECR Masterclass.

Learn all about the Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting compliance obligations and gain an insight on how to turn the obligation into profit.

These are formal CPD accredited events to bring you up to speed with the new legislation and how it can impact your energy efficiency and reporting goals and objectives.

To book your event and to see all listings, please visit Eventbrite by clicking on this link

London (September)

  • British Library
  • Thursday 26th September
  • Morning and afternoon.


  • Chill Factore, Trafford Park
  • Thursday 10th October
  • Morning and afternoon. 


  • The National Conference Centre (NCC), opposite the NEC
  • Thursday 24th October
  • Morning and afternoon. 

London (November)

  • British Library
  • Thursday 14th November
  • Morning and afternoon. 

The morning session starts at 10.00am, with arrivals and registration between 9.30-10.00am.

Lunch is served 12.30-1.30pm with the opportunity to network with morning and afternoon session delegates.

The afternoon session starts with lunch and networking at 12.30pm, with arrivals and registration between 12.00-12.30pm. The masterclass commences at 1.30pm for the afternoon session and concludes by 4.30pm.

To book your event and to see all listings, please visit Eventbrite by clicking on this link or for more information contact our offices on 01695 559785 or email us post@energyace.co.uk

Energy Saving Grants Lancashire Chamber Low Carbon

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Grant Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects (Lancashire)

30% Grant funding is available for eligible companies to implement EnergyAce energy reduction projects and to support resource efficiency projects that reduce electricity, raw materials and gas etc.

A 30% capital grant up to a maximum of £25K is available for eligible companies that must be classed as a small to medium enterprise (SME) and located in Lancashire.

Qualification is as follows:

  • Located in Lancashire
  • Less than 250 full time equivalent employees (36 hrs/wk)
  • Less than €50m turnover or €43m balance sheet
  • Charities can be supported if they are a social enterprise and not reliant on funding 


  • Deferred payment, therefore projects cannot be retrospectively funded where commitments have already been made
  • Funding is issued under De Minimis (companies should not have exceeded €200,000 of support)
  • Advisors provide fully funded assessments to identify savings and support applications

For more information on grant funding and 0% finance options throughout the UK, contact our offices on 01695 559785 or email post@energyace.co.uk

For more information on Lancashire Chamber grant funding, please click onto this link or contact our offices.

How Much Solar Power do We Need to Power The Whole World ?

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A: The size of Canada 3,800,000 Million square miles

B: The size of Australia 2,900,000 Million square miles

C: The size of Germany 138,000 square miles

D: The size of Scotland 31,000 square miles

E: The size of Luxemburg 1,000 square miles

Answer – See Below

With the ozone layer now showing real signs of continuing recovery from man-made damage and likely to heal fully by 2060 thanks mainly to a multilateral agreement like the Montreal protocol.

Plus the United Nations Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution protocol internationally recognised and signed by at least 27 countries, all but eradicating Acid Rain of the 70s, 80s & 90s, what will it take to make a real impact on greenhouse gas emissions ?

Is it now time to take global action against climate change and introduce legislation to encourage energy users to adopt low carbon technologies on a global scale which will also avoid unfair competition in export markets.

I know it sounds like an unbelievable mountain to climb although as a civilisation, we’ve done it before with multinational legislation on CFCs and sulfur dioxide reduction on a global scale.

Answer – With an annual 2.4% increase in global energy consumption and a 1.8% annual increase in Co2 emissions, it would take an area as small as 228 square miles (can you see the dot in Canada?) to power the whole world with Solar power.

Change is possible !!!!

Change needs to start from within, to create champions, to lead by example and to educate

for more information on energy reduction and carbon reduction, contact EnergyAce on post@energyace.co.uk call 01695 559785 or visit energyace.co.uk

Remote Energy Monitoring Save What You See

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Its often very difficult to save something that you cant see and for many companies energy is one of the largest operating costs, second only to staff salaries.

For energy-intensive businesses, energy can be the main cost and often in some cases the differentiation between financial profit & loss.

That’s why it is vital for most business to understand where and when energy is consumed to enable a coherent energy reduction strategy to be drawn up and implemented

remote energy metering and monitoring

Online Remote Energy Metering & Monitoring

The first stage of any energy reduction scheme should be to gather accurate information and data on your existing energy consumption through remote metering and monitoring for example.

This step is fundamental for any organisation, irrespective of their size or what they do – from farms to hospitals, cold stores to manufacturing, education to offices and leisure to infrastructure.

Having identified the wastage, many projects stall or fail to effectively reduce energy consumption for the simple fact that no one in the organisation is able, willing or has time to take ownership of the data.

EnergyAce Online Remote Metering & Monitoring is different, we interrogate the data and investigate the most appropriate energy-reducing solutions to suit the client.

Intelligent Energy Reduction

EnergyAce is a simple, low cost, way of delivering guaranteed* energy savings of up to 60%

remote energy metering and monitoring

Dependence on energy is in most cases unavoidable and with energy costs rising, the only way to reduce this expenditure is to target inefficiency and introduce solutions to save energy and reduce unnecessary energy wastage.

For more information on how the EnergyAce Remote Energy Metering & Monitoring systems works, visit https://energyace.co.uk/energy-metering/

* The EnergyAce guarantee

EnergyAce promise that if you do not save energy costs equal to the cost of your initial remote energy metering and monitoring solution within 36 months of installation, EnergyAce will completely refund the cost and you can keep the solution for free.

Added value

As well as saving energy, the EnergyAce Remote Energy Metering & Monitoring solution also adds value to your business through bill validation. By checking your bill against recorded energy use, we ensure that your bill does not include costly mistakes or incorrect penalties and taxes.

Where issues are found, we apply to your energy supplier for an appropriate cash rebate on your behalf.

Proven technology

EnergyAce have been delivering energy reduction strategies and solutions for well-known commercial brands since 2002.

Energy waste does not just cost money; it also results in increased carbon emissions, something that is increasingly being seen as a key performance monitor for many industries.

Although dependence on energy is unavoidable, effective energy management can result in significant savings.

Case studies of some of the companies and projects we have undertaken can be found on our website, while our expert knowledge and experience of the energy reduction market, together with our simple 36 month payback guarantee, means you have nothing to lose.

What is power factor correction and how does it work UK

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Power Factor Correction is a capacitor based device normally installed on the electrical distribution system, its purpose is to improve efficiency known as power factor when operating machines or motors.

Power Factor Correction works by automatically switching capacitors in or out of circuit on a varying electrical load to counteract the negative inefficient effects of motors and machines.

Power Factor is the difference between Real Power, useful power neededto perform a task and Reactive Power, Power drawn in addition to useful power but does notcontribute to the task, effectively you may be paying for power that’s being wasted which could be likened to a large head on a pint of beer.

The ultimate desired power factor is 1.00pf (100% efficient) although most motors operate at a much lower efficiency or power factor which when the effects are accumulated on an electrical supply, the results can be as low at 0.50 power factor and commonly around 0.80 power factor on a typical uncorrected industrial electrical supply.

A typical uncorrected electrical load will operate in the region of 0.80 power factor (80% efficient) and would consume 20% more power, it will also result in an increased demand by 20% resulting in higher energy bills.

Other electrical supplies operating on much lower uncorrected power factors could be consuming in excess of 50% more power and risk potential overload and loss of electrical supply through brownout.

Savings & Benefits of Power Factor Correction

The financial savings & benefits of power factor correction can by substantial and generally are achievable from the following areas:

  • Reduction in power consumption kw/h losses
  • Removal of penalties on electricity bill in the form of reactive power charges
  • Reduction in capacity charges / authorised supply capacity 
  • Removal or reduction of excess charges 
  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Reduction in maximum demand and demand based charges
  • Reduction in circuit currents
  • Improvement in power quality 

The payback period of power factor correction is typically between 1 – 3 years dependant mainly on three things:

  • The degree of inefficiency to be corrected
  • The structure and type of the electricity bill
  • Type of power factor correction required

Types of Power Factor Correction

There are many different types of power factor correction and although the principals remain the same, it is vital that expert advice is sought to ensure the correct solution is implemented.

How is Power Factor Correction Installed

Installation of power factor correction is carried out in parallel with the main electrical supply like most common electrical devices and via a suitably rated form of protective device like MCCB or fused switch although individual “local” power factor correction capacitors can also be installed on individual motor loads.

In addition to the automatic power factor correction capacitor bank supply, a CT (Current Transformer) should be installed onto the main incoming cables to the power supply to be corrected (normally main incoming supply to the site) in order to “see” and monitor the total load including the capacitor load (power factor correction) and report this to the power factor controller.

When installing power factor correction on individual motor loads it is important to ensure over compensation cannot occur and that any associated controls will allow for the capacitor to discharge between energization periods.

For more information or help to specify the correct power factor correction for your site, contact our offices on 01695 559785 or email post@energyace.co.uk

For more information on power factor correction click on this link

For more information on the EnergyAce power factor correction system specification click on this link