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"EnergyAce Comes of Age 18 Today"

EnergyAce is 18 years of age this week and it only seems like yesterday since Gary Vizard & Eileen Vizard incorporated the business in January 2002

Originally named as Power Efficient Systems Ltd, the company was incorporated to address the growing need for businesses to become more energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions and to reduce energy costs in the face of growing energy bills.

Thankfully most of the developed world seems finally to have woken up to the dangers of harmful emissions and although there is still a long way to go, great strides have been made with a view to meeting the Committee on Climate Change recommendations to target net-zero greenhouse gases for the UK by 2050.

The company has changed over the years with new innovative products, improved services and a stronger overall proposition to help companies reduce energy costs and harmful emissions, the development of the EnergyAce brand later saw the company change its name to align with its success.

Power Efficient Systems Ltd became EnergyAce in 2018 and below shows how the company logo has evolved since 2002.

power factor correction voltage optimisation voltage stabiliser

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