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"Fuel Poverty Awareness Day Results"

EnergyAce is a proud patron of National Energy Action (NEA) and has been for over 6 years, supporting the great work that it does across the UK in helping to eradicate fuel poverty from households.

Back on the 29th November we posted to support the NEA on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, a national initiative with the goal of raising awareness of fuel poverty and the solutions that are available to help those in need.

The day itself was in the same week that it was revealed 23,200 extra people died in Winter 2018/2019, which has been described as a “badge of shame”.

The day also launched the Warm and Safe Homes Campaign, with the NEA continuing to raise awareness over the winter about the issue of fuel poverty and the solutions available.

As much as we wish that the day wasn’t needed in the first place, it was great to see the amount of support on social media for the NEA.

The results of the day generated fantastic exposure for the charity:

– 1108 posts on social media

– 539 individuals and organisations supporting on social media

– 5.2 million reach of social media messaging

– 46 online and print articles referencing fuel poverty awareness day

– 65 million potential reach from online and print media messaging

The results were double the previous years, with individuals and businesses pledging their support, however there is still a lot of work needed to put a stop to fuel poverty.

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