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"ICAR Capacitor Trays UK Support"

Icar Eurorack

Following the sad news that Icar capacitors  entered administration in November 2020, EnergyAce would like to reassure all customers previously using Icar products that support is available in the UK.

EnergyAce are a UK manufacturer offering a range of capacitor trays and automatic systems in very similar style and in some cases with the same fixing centres and dimensions to enable trouble free transition form Icar to EnergyAce.

EnergyAce have been manufacturing power factor correction since 2002 and have an extensive range of products which all come with an unrivalled support network of service and maintenance engineers operating throughout the UK and overseas.

Power factor correction capacitor trays can be quite complex and EnergyAce understand that a support network can be a great comfort when integrating systems into your own switchgear. From capacitor trays, power factor controllers, whole stand alone systems or spares, EnergyAce have a quality competitively prices solution for you.

We offer comparative products for the standard range of capacitor tray  eurorack HP10, eurorack HP20 and eurorack HP30, we also offer detuned capacitors trays in the eurorack FH05, eurorack FH20 and eurorack FH30.

For more information see Power Factor Correction Tray or contact us via email on or phone 01695 559785.


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