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"Active Harmonic Filter"

Active harmonic Filter Module

EnergyAce Ltd are very proud to announce an official partnership with The Schaffner Group as the official integrator of Active Harmonic Filter and Schaffner’s wider products in the UK.

Schaffner are a very strong global brand and one that matches well the expertise, values, quality and attention to detail of those shared by EnergyAce Ltd since 2002.

EnergyAce are power quality engineers and specialist integrators of the ecosine active sync series as a cobranded EnergyAce product while Schaffner are the international leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality systems who are again setting standards with its offering for harmonic mitigation.

Active Harmonic Filter
Active Harmonic Filter

This new generation of Active Harmonic Filter modular system compliments the EnergyAce brand superbly, they are compact, highly effective and a reliable solution to actively mitigate harmonics. A smooth integration is ensured with EnergyAce engineers on the ground throughout the UK and overseas to help with design and implementation while offering turnkey solutions to clients without install capability.

EnergyAce and Schaffner now offer the most effective and compact filter available in the market, the solution is particularly effective on mixed load and dynamic load profiles where it is now possible to achieve a THD-I ≤ 5% while guaranteeing compliance with the toughest requirements of G5-5, IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards.

Our active harmonic filter provides excellent performance over an extended temperature range of up to 55°C* and offer unique market leading flexibility to optimize the customers-tailored solution.

Installation is relatively simple with active harmonic filters available in wall or floor mounted solutions utilising our modular approach of 60 A rms power modules.

Modules are available with IP 20 and IP 21 protection and in 3-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 4-wire configurations, two or more power modules in a master-slave solution can be configured to achieve the desired filter rating with up to 5 ecosine active harmonic filter sync power modules connected in parallel to mitigate harmonic current up to 300 Arms, this can be done either as a wall-mount solution or within an IP 54 air-cooled cabinet. Larger filters and alternative IP ratings are available on request.

Modules are totally dynamic and can be arranged to achieve harmonic current mitigation to effectively comply with international power quality standards, achieve reactive power compensation and also offer load balancing.

For more information see Active Harmonic Filter brochure or contact us via email on or phone 01695 559785.

*power module 0 – 50°C full performance, up to 55°C with derating.


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