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"Top Lancashire Based Industrial Manufacturing Firms"

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EnergyAce has been recognised as one of the top Lancashire based industrial manufacturing firms in a recent report put together by Best Start-up.

The article put together includes 17 Lancashire based manufacturing firms and notes them as being “top picks” for industrial manufacturing.

It goes on to say that the companies included in the article “are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Industrial Manufacturing industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.”

Listed on the article are the reasons why the businesses have been chosen as part of the article for their excellent performance in each of the following areas:

  • Innovation – EnergyAce continues to innovate by bringing out new products and designs which has led to EnergyAce being a multi award winning business.
  • Growth – EnergyAce formed in 2002 has grown immensely throughout the years to its now state of the art manufacturing facility and increased number of employees. It has also seen its customer based grow exponentially, not just in the UK, but on an export basis as well working in 50 countries and counting.
  • Management – EnergyAce management works well with the whole team which has led to EnergyAce being nominated for national and regional awards this year.
  • Societal impact – EnergyAce continues to have strong CSR by offering energy saving solutions that help reduce energy consumption which saves carbon and money for its customers. It is also a proud patron of numerous charities including the Wigan Youth Zone and National Energy Action (NEA).

To view the article and to see the full list of Lancashire based manufacturers please visit Best Start-up.


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