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"Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2021"

Today is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2021.

EnergyAce are proud supporting members of National Energy Action (NEA) and their work to combat fuel poverty is truly admirable.

Fuel Poverty refers to houses that are not able warm there home. This is a luxury that many of us take for granted. Factors like rising energy costs, low incomes and energy-inefficient homes are restricting people’s options, leaving them in impossible situations like having to choose to heat their home, feed their children or pay their rent. These are choices no one should ever have to make.

There is a statutory target for all houses in the UK to reach EPC C (Energy Performance Certificate) rating by 2030, however this is a long time to wait for houses with low income. This is why it is so essential that people become more aware of the issues faces with Fuel Poverty.

Today find out how you can help today go to the NEA website by clicking here.

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