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"Don’t go nuts over energy bills!"

With energy prices rising at an alarming rate and showing no signs of slowing down, it is now even more important for SME’s (Small medium enterprises) to ensure that any opportunities to save are not squandered. One opportunity you may not be very familiar with is Voltage Management.

The theory behind voltage management is simple. There is a difference between the voltage supplied to a building and the voltage appliances are designed to operate at more efficiently. On average the voltage across UK business is 242V (420V three phase) and due to electrical equipment being manufactured to work across the European Union, this means that the optimum operating voltage required by electrical equipment to work most efficiently is more around 220V and 230V. This overvoltage not only costs more, but it also shortens the life of electrical equipment. The surplus voltage produces additional heat, noise, and vibration, it also causes stress on electrical equipment (particularly motors) and can damage electronic systems like computers and LED lighting which are more vulnerable to overvoltage and fail much sooner. An EnergyAce voltage optimisation system ensures that a building only consumes the energy it needs rather than additional energy due to overvoltage supplied from the grid. It does this by optimising the incoming voltage, lowering electricity consumption, to reduce electricity bills, and reduce the wear and tear on electrical equipment.

Benefits of Voltage Management include

  • Reduces Electricity bills by Up To 20%.
  • Works on all circuits within a building all day every day.
  • Simple installation – Usually around 1 hour with no need to change your electricity supplier.
  • Increases the life of electrical equipment.
  • Can be installed alongside Solar PV and improves efficiency of heat pumps and renewable systems.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Guaranteed savings.
  • 15-year warranty.

To summarise, a Voltage Optimiser acts as a control valve to only take from the grid what is required. This increased level of control prolongs equipment lifespan, lowers how much a company pay on their energy bills and reduces CO2 minimising an SME’s carbon footprint.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here is what the Electrical Contractors Association says about the technology. “Voltage optimisation is one of the key new business opportunities for electrical contractors. The range, types, and size of buildings that can benefit from the savings voltage optimisation can deliver, makes it a great opportunity for consumers and our members.”

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