Harmonic distortion is a growing concern as management of electrical systems becomes more of an issue through the introduction of Power Electronic Devices and Non-Linear loads like Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), Thyristor Drives & Inverters to save on energy costs and increase control. An Active Harmonic Filter addresses these concerns.

Designers of electrical systems are requested to consider the impact of energy efficiency measures and the effects of the availability of electricity from the grid.

The side effects of these measures through the use of non-linear devices would normally be discussed during the design phase although there are occasions during modifications to existing infrastructure and loads or during expansion of existing plant where the effects can be overlooked leading to a number of undesirable effects and HARMONICS

Harmonics are basically currents or voltages other than the sinusoidal 50Hz waveform that circulate around an electrical system creating a distorted waveform.

An Active Harmonic Filter creates a dynamic solution to negate the negative effects of harmonic distortion

Active Harmonic Filter

Harmonics generate many undesirable effects:

  • Damage to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Increase in energy costs
  • Unexplained tripping of devices
  • Deterioration of standard capacitor circuits & power factor correction
  • Increase RMS currents in the electrical systems
  • Distortion of supply voltage & current waveform
  • Reduction in power quality
  • Stress of electrical plant & machinery
  • Increase in operating temperate of cables & switchgear
  • Increase in vibration levels

Harmonics can disrupt operations and severely reduce lifespan of equipment & controllers

Active Harmonic Filters are designed to measure the harmonic effect within the load and react accordingly by injecting the precise amount of current to counteract the effects of harmonic distortion and in some cases displacement PF, or balance load.

The Active Harmonic Filter measures the load current and calculates the harmonic spectrum for every harmonic up to the 50th

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