Card Manufacturer & Packaging Company Energy Saving

During a state-of-the-art £18m investment in plant, packaging company CorrBoard UK realised electricity bills were running high and the company was being hit by Reactive Power Charges affecting profitability. This prompted the need for investment in efficiency and energy savings. Existing Power Factor Correction (PFC) units had failed; EnergyAce was called in to implement changes very rapidly and with great success.

Annual Savings Achieved

  • £9,950.00
  • 67.2 tons CO2


  • 2 years


  • Reductions in energy costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Removal of reactive power charges

Card manufacturer CorrBoard’s 320,000 sq. ft site in Scunthorpe boasts the UK’s first brand new corrugator for more than 20 years, making sheets that become boxes for packaging. The aim was to use less labour and operate with greater process control and speed.
EnergyAce did a rapid diagnosis, to determine the correct specification and saw a need for two heavy-duty units. The electrical manufacturer stepped up manufacturing procedures to meet the expectations of CorrBoard. A 3-day install completed the process. The new capacitor banks brought the power factor up to around 99% electrical efficiency, immediately cutting bills and saving CorrBoard from having reactive power charges imposed on them. This gives the manufacturer much fuller control over its energy costs. The capacitors were also detuned to protect from damaging harmonics currents, to ensure longer life. After the install, an unexpected concern meant EnergyAce returning for a follow up visit – which they did within 3 days. CorrBoard’s Plant Manager, Ronnie Wilson, says:

“What impressed us wasn’t just that EnergyAce solved our initial PFC concerns and were very quick and cost-effective; we also have confidence in the company because of the way they handled subsequent problems in a professional manner. And they’re very nice people to deal with!”

EnergyAce MD, Gary Vizard, says:

“Our reputation depends on how we look after clients and we aim to do that right through the process.”

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