Remote Energy Monitoring Save What You See

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Its often very difficult to save something that you cant see and for many companies energy is one of the largest operating costs, second only to staff salaries.

For energy-intensive businesses, energy can be the main cost and often in some cases the differentiation between financial profit & loss.

That’s why it is vital for most business to understand where and when energy is consumed to enable a coherent energy reduction strategy to be drawn up and implemented

remote energy metering and monitoring

Online Remote Energy Metering & Monitoring

The first stage of any energy reduction scheme should be to gather accurate information and data on your existing energy consumption through remote metering and monitoring for example.

This step is fundamental for any organisation, irrespective of their size or what they do – from farms to hospitals, cold stores to manufacturing, education to offices and leisure to infrastructure.

Having identified the wastage, many projects stall or fail to effectively reduce energy consumption for the simple fact that no one in the organisation is able, willing or has time to take ownership of the data.

EnergyAce Online Remote Metering & Monitoring is different, we interrogate the data and investigate the most appropriate energy-reducing solutions to suit the client.

Intelligent Energy Reduction

EnergyAce is a simple, low cost, way of delivering guaranteed* energy savings of up to 60%

remote energy metering and monitoring

Dependence on energy is in most cases unavoidable and with energy costs rising, the only way to reduce this expenditure is to target inefficiency and introduce solutions to save energy and reduce unnecessary energy wastage.

For more information on how the EnergyAce Remote Energy Metering & Monitoring systems works, visit

* The EnergyAce guarantee

EnergyAce promise that if you do not save energy costs equal to the cost of your initial remote energy metering and monitoring solution within 36 months of installation, EnergyAce will completely refund the cost and you can keep the solution for free.

Added value

As well as saving energy, the EnergyAce Remote Energy Metering & Monitoring solution also adds value to your business through bill validation. By checking your bill against recorded energy use, we ensure that your bill does not include costly mistakes or incorrect penalties and taxes.

Where issues are found, we apply to your energy supplier for an appropriate cash rebate on your behalf.

Proven technology

EnergyAce have been delivering energy reduction strategies and solutions for well-known commercial brands since 2002.

Energy waste does not just cost money; it also results in increased carbon emissions, something that is increasingly being seen as a key performance monitor for many industries.

Although dependence on energy is unavoidable, effective energy management can result in significant savings.

Case studies of some of the companies and projects we have undertaken can be found on our website, while our expert knowledge and experience of the energy reduction market, together with our simple 36 month payback guarantee, means you have nothing to lose.

What is power factor correction and how does it work UK

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Power Factor Correction is a capacitor based device normally installed on the electrical distribution system, its purpose is to improve efficiency known as power factor when operating machines or motors.

Power Factor Correction works by automatically switching capacitors in or out of circuit on a varying electrical load to counteract the negative inefficient effects of motors and machines.

Power Factor is the difference between Real Power, useful power neededto perform a task and Reactive Power, Power drawn in addition to useful power but does notcontribute to the task, effectively you may be paying for power that’s being wasted which could be likened to a large head on a pint of beer.

The ultimate desired power factor is 1.00pf (100% efficient) although most motors operate at a much lower efficiency or power factor which when the effects are accumulated on an electrical supply, the results can be as low at 0.50 power factor and commonly around 0.80 power factor on a typical uncorrected industrial electrical supply.

A typical uncorrected electrical load will operate in the region of 0.80 power factor (80% efficient) and would consume 20% more power, it will also result in an increased demand by 20% resulting in higher energy bills.

Other electrical supplies operating on much lower uncorrected power factors could be consuming in excess of 50% more power and risk potential overload and loss of electrical supply through brownout.

Savings & Benefits of Power Factor Correction

The financial savings & benefits of power factor correction can by substantial and generally are achievable from the following areas:

  • Reduction in power consumption kw/h losses
  • Removal of penalties on electricity bill in the form of reactive power charges
  • Reduction in capacity charges / authorised supply capacity 
  • Removal or reduction of excess charges 
  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Reduction in maximum demand and demand based charges
  • Reduction in circuit currents
  • Improvement in power quality 

The payback period of power factor correction is typically between 1 – 3 years dependant mainly on three things:

  • The degree of inefficiency to be corrected
  • The structure and type of the electricity bill
  • Type of power factor correction required

Types of Power Factor Correction

There are many different types of power factor correction and although the principals remain the same, it is vital that expert advice is sought to ensure the correct solution is implemented.

How is Power Factor Correction Installed

Installation of power factor correction is carried out in parallel with the main electrical supply like most common electrical devices and via a suitably rated form of protective device like MCCB or fused switch although individual “local” power factor correction capacitors can also be installed on individual motor loads.

In addition to the automatic power factor correction capacitor bank supply, a CT (Current Transformer) should be installed onto the main incoming cables to the power supply to be corrected (normally main incoming supply to the site) in order to “see” and monitor the total load including the capacitor load (power factor correction) and report this to the power factor controller.

When installing power factor correction on individual motor loads it is important to ensure over compensation cannot occur and that any associated controls will allow for the capacitor to discharge between energization periods.

For more information or help to specify the correct power factor correction for your site, contact our offices on 01695 559785 or email

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