Carbon Emission Reduction for Supermarket Chain

Supermarket chain The Co-operative Group actively sought carbon emission reduction and reduced energy consumption in order to reduce costs and meet legislation in respect of CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment).

Annual Savings Achieved

  • £14,146.00
  • 64.08 tons CO2
  • 11.6% direct energy saving
  • Removal of reactive power charges


  • 1.37 years


  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved utility

The store consisted of a mixture of refrigeration, T5 lighting fixtures, T8 and halogen floods, air conditioning units and some resistive loads.
The stores opening hours restrict protracted works and as such they required a solution that would cause the minimum of disruption and little change to the overall infrastructure.
The Co-operative Group selected us to deliver their EnergyAce energy saving system to save £14,146.00 per annum and return a payback within two years.
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