Energy Cost Reduction in Hairdressing & Beauty

Gallimores is a thriving hairdressing & beauty salon with five stylists and support staff delivering the highest quality of hairdressing and beauty care. Energy Ace were able to generate considerable savings on their energy usage.

Annual Savings Achieved

  • 12.3% electricity cost
  • £531.00
  • 2.15 tons CO2


  • 1.9 years


  • Reductions in energy costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Protect Appliances

The hairdressers salon is serviced by a 100 amp single phase electrical supply and operates a mixed load of lighting, heating and resistive loads from hair dryers and styling tools.
The owner of the salon identified a problem where hairdryers were not lasting as long as expected although typically failing when just out of warranty, they also recently replace the refrigeration unit with an “A” rated appliance and had replaced some lighting with energy efficient fittings and wanted to do more to reduce energy costs and investigate why appliances were failing prematurely to improve profitability.
After an initial enquiry, it was determined that the EnergyAce Light Commercial version of energy saving system would be ideal to reduce the electricity consumption by 12.3% and protect the appliances from premature failure while returning the investment within 2 years.
Installation was carried out within 1 hour during normal working hours and without the need for any major changes in infrastructure.
Although payback was almost 2 years, a reduction in maintenance costs and the protection of all electrical appliances and lighting will improve the real payback considerably.
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