Energy Saving for Holiday and Leisure Park

With holiday parks in some of the most stunning of locations in the South of England, Hoburne Leisure saved £7,662.00 and 31 tons CO2 annually thanks to the energy saving strategies they put into place with the help of Energy Ace.

Annual Savings Achieved

  • £7,662.00
  • 31 tons CO2


  • 2.1 years


  • Reductions in energy costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Removal of reactive power charges

The leisure industry can be very competitive and increasing energy costs only serve to reduce overall profitability of an organisation if the increases are not addressed through the introduction of energy reduction measures.
We were contacted by Hoburne Leisure and carried out a detailed survey to identified areas of improvement through the introduction of the EnergyAce energy saving system to create a whole site energy saving of 12.48% and remove penalties from the electricity bills.
Installation was non obtrusive during normal working hours and without the need for any major changes in infrastructure.
Payback was just over two years although a reduction in maintenance costs and the protection of all electrical appliances, plant and machinery will improve the real payback considerably.
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