Fitness Centre Saves Energy

DW Fitness operates fitness centres and hotel facilities throughout the UK, with a keen eye on energy spend and a desire to improve efficiency without detracting away from a good quality experience.

Annual Savings Achieved

  • £11,111.00
  • 14.18% saving
  • 63.92 tons CO2


  • 19.7 months (2yrs)


  • Removal of reactive power charges
  • Reduction of 63 amps per phase
  • Reduction of 45 kVa demand
  • Improved utility

We identified a requirement for EnergyAce voltage management and power factor correction technologies combined, to return an energy saving of around 14% and remove reactive power penalties from the electricity bills.
The project dealt with distinct loads including a shop, pool and gym – covering elements such as lighting, pumps and air conditioning units. Utilities Manager at DW Sport, Dan Hubbard said:

“EnergyAce provided a bespoke service, with detailed site by site analysis of exactly what was required; all sized appropriately to deliver the savings we were looking for.
We’re delighted with the smoothness of the delivery; there is always pressure to deliver when the incoming power goes off, knowing you need to be ready to trade next day. Gary and his team did a great job and left no stone unturned. It all went according to plan and we’d certainly consider using their services again as we make further investments in the long term cost-effectiveness of the business.”

Installation was carried out over a three day period during normal working hours and a short two hour shutdown for final connection.
Savings in excess of 14% per annum have been demonstrated with a payback of less than two years without taking into account reduced maintenance costs and the protection of all electrical appliances, plant and machinery.

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