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"Energy Saving Grants Lancashire Chamber Low Carbon"

Grant Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects (Lancashire) 30% Grant funding is available for eligible companies to implement EnergyAce energy reduction projects and to support resource efficiency projects that reduce electricity, raw materials and gas etc. A 30% capital grant up to a maximum of £25K is available for eligible companies that must be classed as a small to medium enterprise (SME) and located in Lancashire. Qualification is as follows: Located in Lancashire Less than 250 full time equivalent employees (36 hrs/wk) Less than €50m turnover or €43m balance sheet Charities can be supported if they are a social enterprise and not reliant on funding  Conditions: Deferred payment, therefore projects cannot be retrospectively funded where commitments have already been made Funding…
July 10, 2019

"How Much Solar Power do We Need to Power The Whole World ?"

A: The size of Canada 3,800,000 Million square miles B: The size of Australia 2,900,000 Million square miles C: The size of Germany 138,000 square miles D: The size of Scotland 31,000 square miles E: The size of Luxemburg 1,000 square miles Answer – See Below With the ozone layer now showing real signs of continuing recovery from man-made damage and likely to heal fully by 2060 thanks mainly to a multilateral agreement like the Montreal protocol. Plus the United Nations Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution protocol internationally recognised and signed by at least 27 countries, all but eradicating Acid Rain of the 70s, 80s & 90s, what will it take to make a real impact on greenhouse gas emissions…
May 1, 2019

"Remote Energy Monitoring Save What You See"

Its often very difficult to save something that you cant see and for many companies energy is one of the largest operating costs, second only to staff salaries. For energy-intensive businesses, energy can be the main cost and often in some cases the differentiation between financial profit & loss. That’s why it is vital for most business to understand where and when energy is consumed to enable a coherent energy reduction strategy to be drawn up and implemented remote energy metering and monitoring Online Remote Energy Metering & Monitoring The first stage of any energy reduction scheme should be to gather accurate information and data on your existing energy consumption through remote metering and monitoring for example. This step is…
January 20, 2019

"What is power factor correction and how does it work UK"

Power Factor Correction is a capacitor based device normally installed on the electrical distribution system, its purpose is to improve efficiency known as power factor when operating machines or motors. Power Factor Correction works by automatically switching capacitors in or out of circuit on a varying electrical load to counteract the negative inefficient effects of motors and machines. Power Factor is the difference between Real Power, useful power neededto perform a task and Reactive Power, Power drawn in addition to useful power but does notcontribute to the task, effectively you may be paying for power that’s being wasted which could be likened to a large head on a pint of beer. The ultimate desired power factor is 1.00pf (100% efficient)…
January 18, 2019

"Power Factor Correction & Voltage Optimisation In High Demand"

Not long now until EnergyAce moves into brand new purpose built premises. The huge demand for EnergyAce in many Industrial and commercial applications and the development of the remote online metering, monitoring and protection systems has resulted in a need to move to a larger factory manufacturing power factor correction, voltage optimisation systems, metering solutions and switchgear. Changes is the way penalties like reactive power is charged on electricity bills means that power factor correction systems are now in high demand and keeping up with manufacture a challenge we have had to meet head on. Energy metering is now a must for all businesses, rising energy costs, changes in the way energy is billed and the need to reduce carbon…
October 13, 2018

"Welcome To The EnergyAce Team"

EnergyAce are very pleased to announce two new engineers to the family. Please welcome Tom Ryan and Anthony Jaycocks. A significant growth in demand for our EnergyAce Energy Saving System has created a need for two new additional engineers for both our manufacturing department and our field engineering department. Tom joins us after working on numerous electrical engineering projects. His experience will be valuable to us in both manufacturing our energy saving equipment and also in servicing the equipment out in the field. Tom commented “Having previously worked in the renewables industry, I feel it is important for businesses to ensure they are running efficiently in order to cut their costs and to help the environment”. Anthony joins our field…
July 29, 2018

"What is power factor correction and how does it save energy"

Power Factor Correction is a device that is installed on an electrical system to improve the overall electrical efficiency known as power factor of an electrical supply that operates machines or motors. All motors which can come in the form of a machine, conveyor, mixer, compressor, HVAC, refrigeration, elevator or escalator etc all have an efficiency rating known as power factor. The ultimate desired power factor is 1.00pf (100% efficient) although most motors operate at a much lower efficiency or power factor which when the effects are accumulated on an electrical supply, the results can be as low at 0.50 power factor and commonly around 0.80 power factor on a typical uncorrected industrial electrical supply. The solution is to install…
July 7, 2018

"What is a Voltage Stabiliser"

A voltage stabiliser is a device that is installed on an electrical supply to maintain and stabilise a suitable voltage level. All mains powered electrical equipment require a voltage input to be maintained within certain limits although equipment receiving voltages outside of these limits may malfunction or fail prematurely. A low supply voltage may cause malfunction and a high supply voltage, serious damage. In some processes it may be crucial to maintain a steady voltage level by installing a voltage stabiliser to ensure voltage levels remain within close limits of ±0.5% or ±1%. The nominal voltage throughout the UK is 230v / 400v although in reality the average voltage throughout the UK when measured is 242 / 419v and while…
June 3, 2018

"Welcome to the Team"

EnergyAce are very pleased to welcome Philip Gore to the sales and marketing team. A significant and sustained increase in demand for the EnergyAce Energy Saving System has generated a need for additional sales and marketing support in our busy Skelmersdale office. Philip joins us after successfully completing a BA (Honours) degree in International Business from Leeds Beckett University and is already getting to grips with the day to day demands of a very busy sales office. Gary Vizard the MD commented “Phil is a great lad, an enthusiastic, highly motivated person who has shown a strong desire to help the customer, he is well organized with great communication skills, his enthusiasm really shines through and he is already proving…
May 15, 2018

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