Cross-Party Energy

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In debates nationwide, if not worldwide, politicians argue over the rights and wrongs of energy methodology, consumption, tariffs and carbon footprint. EnergyAce has often been invited to comment as a matter of fact on relevant topics towards sustainable technology and futures.

You may recall, Managing Director Gary Vizard presenting from the top table at the Labour Party Conference. Today, he spoke to business people at an Event admirably Chaired by former Conservative MP, Edwina Curry. He was accompanied by Adrian Stores.

Needless to say, there was much interest in EnergyAce and Gary’s authoritative viewpoints. It just goes to show that the issues of concern surrounding energy are of cross-party attentions.

Ambassadors Network Launch

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Power Efficient Systems & EnergyAce, along with a number of West Lancashire businesses have eagerly signed up to become Ambassadors for Skelmersdale after a successful Event was held to launch the Scheme.

The Skelmersdale Ambassadors Network aims to unite businesses and organisations from across the area in a powerful force that will raise the Town’s profile, in order for it to compete Nationally and Internationally like never before.

Businesses are encouraged to sign up to the network so they can act as strong advocates for Skelmersdale and champion the place with pride in order to attract future development, investment and encourage business growth.

Eileen Vizard our Financial Director and fellow Ambassador for Skelmersdale said “its great to be part of such an energetic organisation that brings together all the best in West Lancs”.

“The Ambassadors Network is doing great things for businesses in the area and I would encourage others to join”.

There are significant benefits of being Ambassadors as they will be the first to know about exciting opportunities and developments in the local economy such as Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership strategies, or funding opportunities. They will have access to the new Skelmersdale storybook, branding toolkit, including artwork, images and many other marketing materials to help them promote their business and Skelmersdale, as well as increasing their network of contacts.

The Network’s official launch held at the Best Western Lancashire Manor Hotel was a great success with over 80 people attending from 55 different organisations ranging from large international companies to small and medium sized businesses. So far 38 people have signed up to become Ambassadors and more have expressed an interest in joining.

Tony Rankin, Hotter Shoes Learning and Development Manager, compered the launch event, and guest speakers were Mark Timmerman, Managing Director at Mellors Catering Services; Steven Cochrane, Director at Growth Lancashire; Steve Jones, Managing Director at Fairbanks Environmental; and Kim Webber, Chief Executive at West Lancashire Borough Council. An exciting programme of events is scheduled throughout 2017 offering businesses the opportunity to make good commercial connections; raise their organisations profile and hear from influential guest speakers.

Councillor Ian Moran, Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council and portfolio holder for Economic Regeneration, said: “I am really pleased the launch was a success and so many organisations are signing up to be Ambassadors. They will play a key role in promoting Skelmersdale and boosting the local economy, which will benefit everyone. Being ambitious for our economy by growing jobs and encouraging business and wealth is a key priority in the Council. The Skelmersdale Ambassadors will play an important part in helping us achieve that.”

Christine Green, Commercial Manager at Graylaw Freight Group, said: “We’re extremely proud to be a Skelmersdale Ambassador and would urge other businesses who have an interest or connection with the place to sign up, network with likeminded people and take advantage of this great opportunity in helping to shape Skelmersdale’s successful future.”

Businesses can find out more about how to become a Skelmersdale Ambassador by emailing or calling 01695 712692. Information is also available at Skelmersdale Ambassadors.

Powerful Testimonial

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There’s nothing more satisfying when a credible, independent body pays testimony to our achievements. Well they don’t come much bigger.

Executive Director | Head of the Office of Corporate Engagement EMEA at Goldman Sachs stated:

“Our impact report “Building Small Business Britain” featuring all of you has been released today! The Financial Times wrote an exclusive article about it, the Government’s Small Business Minister, Margot James MP praised your “significant contribution to local economies”, and there has been great activity all day on social media praising the 10KSB alumni. [our Managing Director, Gary Vizard has been an advocate and graduated through this famous programme].

We are celebrating the report on Twitter, and encourage you to retweet, reply and share posts about the report online too. We have also attached a PDF of the report for you to read and share with your family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you for letting us tell your story – we hear time and time again that the most powerful part of the programme is hearing about the individual achievements of each of the graduates, and we could not agree more. We wish you continued success.”

Competition Time

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Whilst we’re talking about looking after people, those of you who visited us at the successful Energy Event in September will know that we were running a competition to let one of our visitors win an EnergyAce Compact unit. Naturally, we got lots of interest as it will give the recipient instant savings on their electricity bill.

We received 76 entries, and the lucky winner was no other than Robin Koffler, Group Sales and Marketing Manager for B&S Group in Chester. Robin also heads up Eco Power Supplies and it is this that gained his interest in what we do. Robin is having the EnergyAce Compact fitted in his own home and will no doubt be back to tell us how successful it was, watch this space!

Problems or Solutions?

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How many of us go through life complaining about how much ‘Stuff’ we have to do, or there’s this one thing we just can’t get our heads around? In business, this happens a lot, probably every day and many of you will be sat there nodding your heads.

What if it’s a problem you can’t fix? Where do you go?

In our industry, it’s not always obvious. The skills required to investigate and fix Power Quality problems aren’t taught to Energy Managers or Maintenance Electricians. There’s often a lot of complicated data to decipher and, unless you know what you’re looking for, then its just gobbledegook. Even if you can get your head round the numbers, do you know how to specify the solution?

In some cases, you know what you want, but it’s not in the wholesalers, or even in the online catalogue. If it doesn’t have a part number, how do you order it?

You’re now at the mercy of the “Experts”. As my colleague Mick is often fond of saying, Ex is someone who used to be and a Spurt is a drip under pressure. Flippancy aside, how do you know the specialist is right? What is their track record in delivering, does what they have on their website actually reflect what they’ve done? In the Energy Saving game, there have been several instances of companies using logos of clients they’ve never done work for, or even images and case studies from those that have!

So how do we do it? It’s simple really, everything we do is manufactured for the job it’s designed to do. Even solutions that are built on a pattern require setting up as part of the commissioning process. We look at every industrial and commercial job onsite before we pick up a spanner, and insist on gathering our own data if we can’t obtain it from elsewhere. We’re in the middle of a project that we won, simply becuase no one else had the flexibility, at the right quality and price, to physically fit the solution into the space available.

In the retrofit game, the more flexible you are, the better a solution you can provide. We’ve got 15 years of doing so, we haven’t failed yet and the customers keep coming back, even if it looks expensive to start with, our jobs don’t finish with the install, we’ll look after you for years to come.

Tool Fair

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Plenty happening before Bonfire Night! EnergyAce is exhibiting again at the next Elex/Tool Fair at Sandown Park on 3/4th November 2016. Why not pop on down and/or tell at least one contact, that Mick Greensmith and colleagues will be in attendance with sound, reliable advice on all things Voltage Optimisation (VO), Power Factor Correction (PF) and indeed an update on matters on energy efficiencies, management and savings.

There will be an exclusive show offer on the EnergyAce Compact domestic device and we will have the Compact Light commercial unit on display too.

Register here for FREE entry We look forward to seeing you.

CPD Award to EnergyAce

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Power Efficient Systems Limited, that trades under the EnergyAce brand, is delighted that the quality and professionalism of its operations have been independently validated and accredited.

With immediate effect, EnergyAce, has an official continuing professional development (CPD) training and education programme, which addresses such topics as: “an informative briefing on voltage management; power factor correction; harmonic filtration and active monitoring.”

The latest in a line of accolades by the Skelmersdale-based Company has been certified through the CPD Certification Service . It is a leading, independent CPD accreditation centre working across all sectors, disciplines and further learning applications. The CPD Certification Service has unique experience and history working with training providers, professional bodies, academic institutions and corporate organisations enabling it to support organisations seeking authoritative accreditation for their CPD activities.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this 60 minutes briefing, should contact our offices on 01695 559785 or email for an informal, no obligation conversation about the approach and benefits of this latest offering.

Out and about

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The EnergyAce team are out and about sharing the knowledge and solutions to wide audiences. Why not pop and see us or refer someone that could be interested our way?

We have the Energy Event with the show running for 2 days the 13th and 14th of September. Show opening times are 9.30am to 5.30pm. The Energy Event is the UK’s leading event for energy and utilities procurement professionals based at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham.

Then, Mick Greensmith is exhibiting at Elex at the Ricoh arena Coventry on the 22nd and 23rd September.

We have some free tickets for the show and everyone gets a free ‘professional electrician’ t-shirt and bacon roll on the day along with free seminars on the latest rules and regulations – the show is open 10am to 4pm.

Growing our territories

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Contrary to some gloom and doom about Brexit, EnergyAce is continuing to propel itself into new territories, including working with a major European force in product distribution. The overall intention is closer working and collaboration across the member states of the European Union.

Nearer to home, the loyal and committed team at EnergyAce are up for more awards including being up for three prestigous awards with the BIBAs again: Business Person of the Year, Exporter of the Year and Small Business of the Year. The results to be announced live from Blackpool Tower mid-September 2016.

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